Why is Indonesia the largest archipelago?

Which is the largest archipelago in the world?

The largest archipelago in the world was formed by glacial retreat. The Malay Archipelago, between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, contains more than 25,000 islands in Southeast Asia. The thousands of islands of Indonesia and Malaysia are a part of the Malay Archipelago.

Why is Indonesia population so high?

The population of Indonesia has long been known to be in the 4th position of the world and the third in Asia. … This population density occurs due to high birth rates and the lack of family planning programs, the number of Indonesian population ranks fourth in the world reached 238 million people.

Why is Malay archipelago the largest archipelago?

Situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the archipelago of over 25,000 islands and islets is the largest archipelago by area and fourth by number of islands in the world.

Malay Archipelago.

Area 2,870,000 km2 (1,110,000 sq mi)
Largest settlement Bandar Seri Begawan
East Timor
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Why is Indonesia called archipelago?

It originated from Old Javanese and literally means “archipelago”. The name derived from the Old Javanese words of Sanskrit origin nusa (“island”) and antara (“in between”) or antero (“the whole of” or “the collection of”); the combined word therefore connotes “collection of islands” or “archipelago”.

Is Indonesia the largest archipelago?

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. … Indonesia’s most fertile land is on the island of Java. Indonesia is a vast equatorial archipeago of 17,000 islands extending 5,150 kilometers (3,200 miles) east to west, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans in Southeast Asia.

What are the five largest archipelago?

Top 10 largest Archipelagos in the World

  • Malay Archipelago. The Malay World, Indo-Australian archipelago, East Indies, Nusantara, and Spices Archipelago are another name of this archipelago. …
  • Canadian Arctic Archipelago. …
  • New Guinea Archipelago. …
  • 4. Japanese Archipelago. …
  • British Isles. …
  • New Zealand. …
  • Antilles. …
  • Novaya Zemlya.

Is Indonesia poorer than India?

With a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of $2.6 trillion, India is a significantly bigger economy than Indonesia ($1.01 trillion). … Consequently, its nominal per-capita GDP ($1,983 in 2017) is significantly lower than Indonesia’s ($3,876).

What country is the most overpopulated?

Of the larger countries1, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated with 1,252 people per square kilometer; this is almost three times as dense as its neighbour, India. It’s followed by Lebanon (595), South Korea (528), the Netherlands (508) and Rwanda (495 per km2) completing the top five.

Which country is underpopulated?

Australia has one of the lowest population densities in the world. With a low population of 23 million and a land area of over 7.6 million km² its density is around 3 people per km².

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What is the largest archipelago in the Asia?

The Malay Archipelago (or Indonesian Archipelago) extends along the equator between the Pacific and Indian oceans for 6100 kilometres and covers approximately two million square kilometres of land and water.

What country is the second largest archipelago?

The Archipelagos Of The World With The Largest Number Of Islands

Rank Location (total number of islands) Name of the archipelagos
1 Norway Norwegian Archipelago
2 Finland Archipelago Sea
3 Canada Canadian Arctic Archipelago
4 Stockholm archipelago, Sweden Stockholm archipelago

What is the world’s second largest archipelago after Indonesia?

The Philippines are the world’s second largest archipelago after Indonesia. 7107 island are waiting -… Philippines, Archipelago, Island.

What is the old name of Indonesia?

Formal Name: Republic of Indonesia (Republik Indonesia; the word Indonesia was coined from the Greek indos—for India—and nesos—for island). Short Form: Indonesia. Former Names: Netherlands East Indies; Dutch East Indies.

What was the original name of Indonesia?

Indonesia was formerly known as the Dutch East Indies (or Netherlands East Indies).

Is Japan a archipelago?

1. JAPANESE ARCHIPELAGO. The Japanese archipelago stretches from subtropical to subarctic zones and runs parallel to the eastern rim of the Eurasian Continent. The archipelago consists of four main islands and more than 3,900 smaller islands whose area covers almost 378,000 square kilometers.