Is there a Filipino Disney movie?

‘FLOAT. ‘ Pixar’s first film to feature Filipino characters premieres on YouTube. Float, the first animated Pixar short to feature Filipino characters, is now available for viewing on Pixar’s YouTube.

Is there going to be a Filipina Disney princess?

Disney’s newest princess, Raya, is a back-flipping (and butt-kicking) martial artist who wields swords and Filipino fighting sticks, called Arnis. Raya lives in a fictional land called Kumandra, which is suffering from tribal warfare and a plague that’s turning people into stone.

What is the Filipino Disney short called?

‘Float’ Is Pixar’s First Animated Short Film to Feature Filipino Characters. Directed by Bobby Rubio, Pixar’s animated short ‘Float’ marks an important milestone for Filipino representation.

Is Raya Filipino inspired?

Raya is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, who is Vietnamese American. The film is inspired by diverse Southeast Asian cultures. … In a teaser that almost made me cry (and I’m not a cryer), Raya wields what look like bamboo Arnis sticks — weapons used in Filipino martial arts. Her sword is reminiscent of the Indonesian kris.

Is the Philippines represented in Raya and The Last Dragon?

The movie showcases arnis, Filipino’s national martial art

The main character Raya is also skilled in arnis, the Philippines’ national martial art.

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Is Raya a Filipino?

Raya and the Last Dragon marks a major step forward for Disney — on top of introducing the studio’s first Southeast Asian princess Raya (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, the first Southeast Asian actor to lead a Disney animated film), the fantasy adventure movie also features Disney’s first-ever Filipino song.

Can you watch Raya in the Philippines?

The streaming service was only made available to Singapore residents last February 23. The limited access was discussed on Reddit Philippines wherein users pointed out that the story of the new Disney princess is based on the cultures of the region where the streaming platform cannot be accessed.

Is Disney Float Filipino?

Bobby Rubio, who made his directorial debut with Pixar’s animated short “Float” on Disney Plus earlier this month, has worked at Pixar as a story artist since 2012, contributing to “Inside Out,” “Incredibles 2” and “Brave.” But “Float” broke new ground as the first Pixar work to feature a Filipino American animated …

Is autism a Float?

Rubio viewed the program as “a wonderful opportunity to tell [his] story”. He stated that Float is inspired by his son, who has autism, and that he identified with the father from the short. Rubio said that the boy from the short is “different from other children” since he can float.

Who made Float?

Written and produced by Pixar animator Bobby Rubio, Float is one of the studio’s six SparkShorts featured on the streaming service.

Is Raya and The Last Dragon a Filipino movie?

FILIPINOS IN DISNEY. John Aquino and Mikee Sevilla both worked in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon. ‘ … John worked as the environment modeling lead in Raya and the Last Dragon, which features the first Disney Southeast Asian princess (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran) and is the first Disney animated film set in that region.

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What kind of sword is in Raya?

Whip Sword: Raya’s primary weapon as an adult that belonged to her father, Chief Benja. She uses it like a typical bladed weapon, but the blade can detatch in a long-bladed string that she uses to grab and attack from afar.

What race is Raya?

As Raya is from a fictional land, the concept of race and ethnicity doesn’t totally translate one-for-one, but, generally, she is Southeast Asian. Raya is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, who is Vietnamese-American. “It means a lot to me,” Tran told Den of Geek about her role in the film.

Is Raya wearing a salakot?

Raya wears a hat that looks like the Salakot – a traditional headgear in the Philippines. Her loyal sidekick and also her form of transportation is named Tuk Tuk – a cheeky reference to a rickshaw that is a popular mode of transportation there.

Is Raya Filipino or Vietnamese?

It was later announced by producer Osnat Shurer that Kelly Marie Tran would be playing the role of Raya, and the transition was made because “there was a key change to Raya’s character.” It’s reasonable to conclude that Raya, played by Vietnamese American Kelly Marie Tran, is actually Vietnamese.