How do you swear in Thai?

What is the F word in Thai?

The F word = ควย [khuai]. ( pronounced with rounded lips)

What does AI sat mean in Thai?

อี / ไอ้ สัตว์ (“ee / ai – saht”) – “saht” literally meaning “animal”. “ee” or “ai” prefix used for addressing a female or male, respectively. A very rude insult.

What does Ting Tong mean in Thai?

ติ๊งต๊อง (Ting Tong) / Mad

Ting tong is typically used to indicate that someone is perceived as being a bit wacky, unusual or eccentric.

What does ding dong mean in Thai?

a noisy argument. มีเรื่องกัน (Translation of ding-dong from the PASSWORD English–Thai Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What does BA mean in Thai?

Westerners often receive – and deserve – the charge of ba!, meaning “crazy” or “mad”. You are ba if you do anything stupid or unexpected, like driving poorly or dancing spontaneously. Tellingly, the Thai phrase for methamphetamine – the country’s most destructive drug – is ya ba, or “mad medicine”.

What does farang kee nok mean?

“farang kii nok” is a kind of small guava with pinkish flesh. “kii nok” means bird’s droppings as the fruit is grown thanks to birds. The word is originally used to refer to Thais who act like they were White men. Some Thais may take it to mean westerners in general.

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What does moi mean in Thai?

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Thailand (Abrv: MOI; Thai: กระทรวงมหาดไทย, RTGS: Krasuang Mahatthai) is a cabinet-level department in the Government of Thailand.

What does na mean Thai?

By itself, ‘na’ is a particle/modifier that is placed at the end of a sentence or phrase that will impact the way it is perceived by the listener. For example, someone could say ‘Roh sak khroo na ka’ (รอสักครู่นะคะ) , which means ‘Wait a moment’.

What does Na Hee mean in Thai?

@thechillishop it mean beautiful face.

What does Pumpui mean?

It’s a nice Thai nickname for people with… well… a bit of a belly. The English translation is “chubby” ☺️ #pumpuivienna #pumpui #meilokalthailokal | Facebook.

What does HAP mean in Thai?

Fortune; chance. A happening; an occurrence.

What does Boom Boom mean?

boom-boom (countable and uncountable, plural boom-booms) Loud, resonant sound; a repeated loud sound.

What does Tung Ting mean?

tìŋ]), also spelled Tung-ting, is an oolong tea from Taiwan. … A translation of Dong Ding is “Frozen Summit” or “Icy Peak”, and is the name of the mountain in Taiwan where the tea is cultivated.

What does Kao mean in Thai?

Thai is a tonal language that uses long, short, high and low tones to distinguish the meaning of a word. For example, the word ‘kao’ means news, nine, come in, rice and knee and only the difference in tone establishes meaning.