Why does Cambodia have so many landmines?

A lasting legacy from conflicts past, much of Cambodia is littered with landmines. … Landmines were laid in Cambodia by the Vietnamese, the Cambodian government and the brutal Khmer Rouge in the 1980s and ’90s and continue to have a devastating impact on the people of Cambodia.

Why does Cambodia have so many land mines?

Most of the land mines in Cambodia were planted between 1985 and 1989, when the Vietnamese-allied government installed a “bamboo curtain” against the invading Thai and Khmer Rouge along the Thai-Cambodia border in the northwest.

What country has the most unexploded landmines?

Egypt as a Case Study. Egypt has been listed as the country most contaminated by landmines in the world with an estimate of approximately 23,000,000 landmines.

Does Cambodia still have land mines?

Around half of Cambodia’s minefields have been cleared and those remaining are largely concentrated in the rural north-west of the country, especially along the Thai border on a 750km mined area known as the K5.

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What continent has the most landmines?

With an estimated 30 million mines strewn in at least 18 countries, Africa is the continent most severely affected by the large scale sowing of landmines . The most critical situations are found in Angola with more than 9 million mines, in Mozambique with up to 2 million and in Somalia with I million.

Did us put landmines in Cambodia?

Although landmines weren’t mapped when they were placed during the wars, it’s known that the majority were placed along Cambodia’s northern border with Thailand.

Is Cambodia safe?


Overall, Cambodia is a safe country, but there are extremely high rates of both petty crime and violent crime. You should be vigilant and take all possible precaution measures in order to minimize the risk of something going wrong.

Why does Egypt have so many landmines?

Egypt has been listed as the country most contaminated by landmines in the world with an estimate of approximately 23,000,000 landmines. The areas to the east, including the Sinai Peninsula were contaminated between 1956 and 1973 due to hostilities between Egypt and Israel. …

How many landmines are in Cambodia?

The Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) estimates that there may be as many as four to six million mines and other pieces of unexploded ordnance in Cambodia. Some estimates however run as high as ten million mines.

Are there any landmines in the US?

The United States does not have any of these land mines in its inventory, defense officials said. In recent decades, the United States has produced “smart” or nonpersistent mines that can be set to self-destruct in a certain number of minutes, hours or days after they are deployed.

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How long do landmines last?

A land mine can remain active for up to 50 years. Land mines are cheap and effective when deployed, but are expensive and dangerous to remove. Most mines can be boobytrapped, and some of them are just to make the game more interesting.

What produces Cambodia?

In addition to rice, other food products include cassava, corn (maize), sugarcane, soybeans, and coconuts. The principal fruit crops, all of which are consumed locally, include bananas, oranges, and mangoes, and are supplemented by a variety of other tropical fruits, including breadfruits, mangosteens, and papayas.

How do Rats clear landmines?

The rats are trained to detect a chemical compound within the explosives, meaning they ignore scrap metal and can search for mines more quickly. Once they find an explosive, they scratch the top to alert their human co-workers.

What organization is trying to ban landmines?

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is a global network of non-governmental organizations, active in some 100 countries, that works for a world free of antipersonnel landmines, where landmine survivors can lead fulfilling lives.

What is the most heavily mined city in the world?

Farther east, in Afghanistan (where ISIS has appeared) there are some 10 million land mines, affecting residential and commercial areas, agricultural territory, and roads. The capital, Kabul, is the world’s most heavily mined capital city, according to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

Are there still landmines in Vietnam?

The Vietnam war ended over 25 years ago, but for many Vietnamese, the realities of the war still linger. … Unexploded ordnance and buried landmines pose an ongoing and daily threat to the people of Vietnam, particularly in the Demilitarized Zone, the “DMZ,” which once separated North and South Vietnam.

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