Best answer: Which part of the Philippines is Jolo Sulu?

Jolo (Tausug: Sūg) is a volcanic island in the southwest Philippines and the primary island of the province of Sulu, on which the capital of the same name is situated. It is located in the Sulu Archipelago, between Borneo and Mindanao, and has a population of approximately 500,000 people.

What region is Jolo Sulu?

Jolo, Sulu

Jolo Tiyanggi
Country Philippines
Region Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
Province Sulu
District 1st district

Which part of the Philippines is Sulu?


Sulu Lupa’ Sūg
Country Philippines
Region Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
Founded March 10, 1917
Capital Jolo Patikul (seat of Government)

What part of Mindanao is Sulu?

Sulu is a province in the Philippines situated in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao occupying the Sulu Archipelago and the provinces of Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao in central Mindanao.

Where is Dagat Sulu located in the Philippines?

The Sulu Sea (Filipino: Dagat Sulu; Tausug: Dagat sin Sūg; Chavacano: Mar de Sulu; Cebuano: Dagat sa Sulu; Hiligaynon: Dagat sang Sulu; Karay-a: Dagat kang Sulu; Cuyonon: Dagat i’ang Sulu; Malay: Laut Sulu) is a body of water in the southwestern area of the Philippines, separated from the South China Sea in the …

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Is Sulu a province?

Sulu became a province on March 10, 1917 through Commonwealth Act No. 27-11. Sulu celebrates a special day-the foundation of local governance and public administration on every September 18 – per Provincial Ordinance No.

What is the postal code of Jolo Sulu?

Sulu Zip Code

Zip Code Sulu Province
7407 Indanan
7400 Jolo
7416 Kalingalan Caluang
7411 Lugus

Where is Moro Gulf located?

The Moro Gulf is the largest gulf in the Philippines. It located off the coast of Mindanao Island, and is part of the Celebes Sea. The gulf is one of the country’s tuna fishing grounds.

What part of the Philippines is Cebu?

Cebu (/sɛˈbuː/; Cebuano: Sugbo), officially the Province of Cebu (Cebuano: Lalawigan sa Sugbo; Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Cebu), is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas (Region VII) region, and consists of a main island and 167 surrounding islands and islets.

How many islands are there in Sulu?

The Sulu Archipelago islands are within the Mindanao island group, consisting of the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi hence the archipelago are sometimes referred to as Basulta, derived from the first syllables of the three provinces.


Year Pop. ±%
2015 1,674,813 +13.5%

What do you call Luzon Visayas and Mindanao?

The Philippines is divided into three island groups of Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. Luzon and Mindanao are both named after the largest island in their respective groups, while the Visayas (also referred to as the Visayan Islands) is an archipelago.

Is Pacific Ocean part of the Philippines?

Its western border is the first island chain to the west, comprising the Ryukyu Islands in the northwest and Taiwan in the west.

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Philippine Sea
Coordinates 20°N 130°E
Part of Pacific Ocean
Basin countries show List
Surface area 5,695,000 km2 (2,199,000 sq mi)

What are the 19 municipalities of Sulu?

List of Municipalities, Towns and Cities in Sulu Province, Region 9, Philippines, with Google Maps and Street Views

  • Indanan 7407.
  • Jolo 7400.
  • Kalingalan Kalauang 7416.
  • Lugus 7411.
  • Luuk 7404.
  • Maimbung 7409.
  • Marungas 7413.
  • Panamao 7402.

Where is West Philippine Sea located?

The maritime areas on the western side of the Philippine archipelago are hereby named as the West Philippine Sea. These areas include the Luzon Sea as well as the waters around within the adjacent to the Kalayaan Island Group and Bajo de Masinloc, also known as Scarborough Shoal.

Where is Philippine Sea located?

Philippine Sea, section of the western North Pacific Ocean, lying east and north of the Philippines. The floor of this portion of the ocean is formed into a structural basin by a series of geologic folds and faults that protrude above the surface in the form of bordering island arcs.

Where is Bashi Channel located?

The Bashi Channel is a waterway between Y’Ami Island of the Philippines and Orchid Island of Taiwan. It is a part of the Luzon Strait in the Pacific Ocean. It is characterized by windy storms during the rainy period, June to December.