Which bank is suitable for students in Malaysia?

Which bank is best for students in Malaysia?

Savings Account » For Teenagers

  • Citibank Islamic Savings Account-i. …
  • Public Bank 50 Plus Savings Account. …
  • UOB Savings Plus Account. …
  • Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account. …
  • UOB Passbook Savings Account. …
  • Hong Leong Bank Premium Savings Account. …
  • OCBC Premier Booster Account-i. …
  • OCBC Premier Booster Account.

Can students open bank account in Malaysia?

Note: All students can open a savings account in Local banks of Malaysia. … Our group propose to open a bank account in Malaysia is CIMB or May Bank.

Which bank is best for students?

Here is a list of banks that provide you with the option of opening a student account and the features.

  • ICICI Students Savings Account.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Junior Savings Account.
  • PNB Vidyarthi Savings Account.
  • Karur Vysya Bank.
  • SBI’s Pehli Udaan and Pehla Kadam.
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Which govt bank is best for students?

If the student has academically proved himself and secured admission in a reputed institution in India or abroad.

Loan for Study in India or Abroad.

Public Sector Banks Interest Rate (Per Annum)
SBI 10.05% (9.55% for girl students)
PNB 7.30%-8.55%
Bank of Baroda 7.75%-10.00%
Canara Bank 9.35%-9.85%

How can a student open a bank account?

To open a student bank account, your age should be 12 years or more.

  1. Visit the bank branch.
  2. Fill up the application form.
  3. Submit the form with ID proof, address details, and passport size photographs.

Can under 18 open bank account in Malaysia?

The account must be opened before the holder reaches the age of 18. At the age of 18, the accountholder must maintain RM1,000 in the account until the date of submission for the Cash Award.

Which bank is best for international students in Malaysia?

TOP 10 Banks in Malaysia for expats

  • Public Bank. …
  • UOB Malaysia. …
  • Hong Leong Bank. …
  • RHB Bank. …
  • HSBC Bank. …
  • AmBank Group. …
  • Rakyat Bank. The leading Islamic cooperative bank is Rakyat bank. …
  • OCBC Bank. Another bank keeping the foreign banks’ flag flying high is the OCBC bank.

How can students open a CIMB account?


  1. NRIC or passport.
  2. Minimum initial deposit of RM100.
  3. A copy of utility bill for verification of address.
  4. If you are aged between 12 to below 18 years:

Can I open a bank account online without going to the bank in Malaysia?

Yes, you can open a bank account online with a Malaysian bank, BUT there’s a prerequisite. Malaysian banks like CIMB and Maybank offer limited products that can be set up online without the need to personally go to the branch.

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Which type of bank account is suitable for students class 10?

The savings bank account is mostly eligible for students, pensioners and working professionals.

Which bank is best for an 18 year old?

Compare the Best Banks for Students

Company Age Requirement Minimum Deposit
Chase Best Overall 13 to 24 $0
CapitalOne Best for High School Students 8 to 18 $0
U.S. Bank Best for College Students 18+ $25
Ally Best Online Bank 18+ $0

Which debit card is best for students?

Here’s a list of 5 best debit cards for students in India.

  • #1. Youth Debit Card offered by Axis Bank.
  • #2. HDFC Bank’s DigiSave Account Debit Card.
  • #3. IDBI Bank’s Being Me Debit Card.
  • #4. State Bank of India’s Pehli Udaan Debit Card.
  • #5. This debit card is another good option for students.

Which bank is best for zero balance account for students?

8 Best Zero Balance Savings Account In India

  1. IDFC First Bank Pratham Savings Account. …
  2. YES Bank Smart Salary Advantage. …
  3. IndusInd Bank-Indus Online Savings Account. …
  4. DBS-DigiSavings. …
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank-811 Digital Bank Account. …
  6. HDFC Bank – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account. …
  7. SBI – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account.

Which bank is best government or private?

List of Top Public sector Government bank in India

  • Bank of India. Bank of India was founded on 7th September 1906 by a group of eminent businessmen from Mumbai. …
  • Union Bank of India. Union Bank of India is one the leading public sector bank in the country. …
  • Canara Bank. …
  • Punjab National Bank. …
  • Bank of Baroda. …
  • State Bank of India.
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Which bank is private or government?

Examples of Private banks are; HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and AXIS Bank, etc. 2. Public Sector Banks:- Majority of stake is held by the government. Examples of Public Sector Banks are; Punjab National Bank, state bank of India and Central Bank of India, etc.