What is Yangon postcode?

Yangon (Main Post Office) – Yangon – 11181. Yangon Station – Mingalar Taung Nyunt – 11222.

What is Yangon Myanmar postal code?

Yangon Region postal codes/ zip codes, Myanmar

Names Township Postal Codes
Hlaing Thar Yar Hlaing Thar Yar 11401
Insein Insein 11011
Kaba Aye Mayangone 11061
Kamayut Kamayut 11041

Are there postal codes in Myanmar?

In general,the first two digits represent division/state. The third and fourth digits represent municipality. The last digit represent delivery office .

How do you write a Myanmar address?

Address format The Myanmar administration recommends the following: – line 1: name; – line 2: house number and street name; – line 3: name of delivery office; – line 4: town, postcode; – line 5: country.

What is the difference between postcode and PIN code?

Postal Index Number, also known as PIN Code, is a system of postal codes that is native to India. It is exactly the same concept as the ZIP Code but instead of 5 digits, a PIN code has 6 digits.

ZIP Code PIN Code
Number of Digits 5 Digits (also new 4 digits added for more precision) 6 Digits
Area United States India

Is Yangon a city or state?

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and the industrial and commercial centre of the country. It was known abroad as Rangoon until 1989, when the government of Myanmar requested that Yangon, a transliteration reflecting the Burmese pronunciation of the city’s name, be used by other countries.

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How many Yangon are there?

The current metro area population of Yangon in 2021 is 5,422,000, a 1.69% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Yangon in 2020 was 5,332,000, a 1.68% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Yangon in 2019 was 5,244,000, a 1.69% increase from 2018.

What is Mandalay postcode?

Mandalay GPO. 05011. 02-60346. 02-35900/36925.

How many people are in Thanlyin?


Thanlyin သန်လျင်မြို့
• Total 350.49 km2 (135.324 sq mi)
Population (2009)
• Total 181,000
• Density 520/km2 (1,300/sq mi)

How do I decode a PIN code?

The first digit indicates one of the regions. The second digit indicates the sub region or one of the postal circles (States). The third digit indicates a sorting / revenue district. The last 3 digits refer to the delivery Post Office.

How many Pincodes are in India?

It was devised on 15 August, 1972. At present, the country has 9 Postal (PIN) zones out of which 8 represent different geographical areas and the last one is reserved for providing the postal services to the armed forces. The first digit of the postal code represents one of the many geographical areas.

What is 6 digit PIN code?

Postal Index Number (PIN) or PIN Code is a 6 digit code of Post Office numbering used by India Post. The PIN was introduced on August 15, 1972. There are 9 PIN regions in the country. The first 8 are geographical regions and the digit 9 is reserved for the Army Postal Service.