What is the difference between the musical instruments of Indonesia and Philippines?

Indonesia, particularly Bali, has fast-paced music, drums, bells, and vocalization. Philippines, has a more rural, calmer paced music used mainly by the bandurria, with minimum singing.

What is the difference between Philippines and Indonesia?

An obvious difference in Indonesia is Muslims and the Philippines is Roman Catholic. While Indonesians seem very secular for a majority Muslim country, the Philippines tend to be fundamentalist Catholic sometimes bordering fanaticism.

What are the different musical instruments in the Philippines?

Below are 10 traditional Filipino musical instruments.

  • Kubing. This is a jaw harp made with bamboo and is one of the more well known traditional musical instruments. …
  • Kulintang. …
  • Kudyapi. …
  • Tongali. …
  • Gambal. …
  • Dabakan. …
  • Luntang. …
  • Buktot.
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What are the differences instruments in Indonesia?

Here, we recommend five traditional Indonesian instruments that will let you explore the unique and wonderful atmosphere of Indonesia.

  • 1 | Suling. …
  • 2 | Gamelan. …
  • 3 | Angklung. …
  • 4 | Sasando. …
  • 5 | Kulintang.

How does the Indonesian gamelan sound differ to the Philippine kulintang?

It is also based upon the pentatonic scale. However, kulintang music differs in many aspects from gamelan music. The greatest difference is the way in which a gamelan ensemble constructs melodies within a skeletal framework of tones, with a prescribed time interval for the entry of each instrument.

What is the difference between Batik of Indonesia and Batik of Philippines?

The main difference of the two garments is in terms of the fabric used – Barong Filipino is made usually made from Jusi, hand-woven piña (from pineapple fiber), linen or cotton blend while Batik shirt is traditionally made of Silk for formal wear or Cotton for every day.

How are the Philippines and Indonesia similar?

Indonesia and the Philippines are both archipelagic countries with ethnic populations and national languages that have common Austronesian ancestry. The historical links between ancient Indonesia and the Philippines have commenced since around the 9th century.

What instruments are used in Indonesian music?

Here, we recommend five traditional Indonesian instruments that will let you explore the unique and wonderful atmosphere of Indonesia.

  • 1 | Suling. …
  • 2 | Gamelan. …
  • 3 | Angklung. …
  • 4 | Sasando. …
  • 5 | Kulintang.

What Philippine instrument is similar to the Indonesian bonang?

The bonang is similar to the Balinese reong and the single row kulintang of the southern Philippines and Borneo.

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What is the national instrument of Philippines?

List of national instruments (music)

Nation Instrument H-S number
Philippines Bandurria 321.321
Polynesia nose flute 421.111.22
Portugal Portuguese guitar 321.322
Puerto Rico cuatro puertorriqueño 321.322

What are the musical instruments in Southeast Asia?

Jew’s harps, tube zithers, ring flutes, buzzers, xylophones, two-stringed lutes, and various types of gongs with boss (knobbed centre) are some of the most typical instruments of Southeast Asia.

What are the musical characteristics of Indonesia?

The gamelan is the main element of traditional Indonesian music. The instruments in a gamelan are composed of sets of tuned bronze gongs, gong-chimes, metallophones, drums, one or more flute, bowed and plucked string instruments, and sometimes singers.

What type of musical instrument of Malaysia is similar to the Kulintang of the Philippines Brunei and Indonesia?


A kulintang ensemble of the Maranao people with elaborate okir carvings in the Museum of the Filipino People
Other names Calculintang, Gulingtangan, Kolintang, Kulintangan, Totobuang
Classification Percussion instrument Idiophone Gong
Developed Brunei,Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines
Playing range

What is the instruments of gamelan ensemble?

A gamelan is a set of instruments consisting mainly of gongs, metallophones and drums. Some gamelans include bamboo flutes (suling), bowed strings (rebab) and vocalists. Each gamelan has a different tuning and the instruments are kept together as a set.

What are the instruments used in kulintang ensemble?

The instruments of the Kulintang are all percussion instruments. They include various gongs called Kulintang, Agung, Gandingan and Babandir. The one drum in the ensemble is called Dabakan.

What is the functions of Indonesian music to their society and culture?

Music at the culture also functioned as the entertainment. The entertainment at the religion in Indonesia could be so various. As the examples, at the Javanese culture, music is used for accompanying Ketoprak, Ludruk, or Wayang. The tone of music express how the story sad, happy, or firm.

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