Is Laos near Cambodia?

Does Laos border Cambodia?

The Cambodian province of Stung Treng borders the 4,000 Islands area of southern Laos. Foreigners who use the Cambodia-Laos border crossing can take the opportunity to visit this peaceful and beautiful area of the country. There is only one Laos-Cambodia official crossing point.

How many hours is Laos to Cambodia?

Distance from Cambodia to Laos is 850 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 528 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Cambodia and Laos is 850 km= 528 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Cambodia to Laos, It takes 0.94 hours to arrive.

What countries border Laos?

Land. Laos is bounded to the north by China, to the northeast and east by Vietnam, to the south by Cambodia, to the west by Thailand, and to the northwest by Myanmar (Burma).

Is Laos and Cambodia the same?

Both Laos and Cambodia share borders with Vietnam and Thailand. While they have similarly long and complex histories with both neighbours, the arguably less contentious relations that Laos presently enjoys with Vietnam and Thailand affords it more diplomatic space and leverage compared to Cambodia.

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How do I get from Laos to Cambodia?


Buses from Phnom Penh to Strung Treng run daily and it takes approximately 6 hours. From Stung Treng minibuses run to the border at Dom Kralor, approximately 2 hours. From Voen Kham on the Lao side mini buses and other forms of transport run to Ban Nakasang where there is a boat to Don Det.

How do I get from Laos to Vietnam?

The distance between Laos and Vietnam is 921 km. The road distance is 1105.4 km. How do I travel from Laos to Vietnam without a car? The best way to get from Laos to Vietnam without a car is to bus which takes 26h 21m and costs $73 – $78.

Where is Laos and Cambodia?

Laos is located in southeastern Asia. It is bordered by Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) to the west, China to the north, Vietnam to the east, and Cambodia to the south.

What language is spoken in Lao?

Under the French rule, the Vietnamese were encouraged to migrate to Laos, which was seen by the French colonists as a rational solution to a practical problem within the confines of an Indochina-wide colonial space.

Should I go to Cambodia or Laos?

It’s so hard to choose between these two beautiful countries! Cambodia has magnificent temples, beaches and a fascinating and haunting past, whilst Laos offers a glimpse of the Southeast Asia of times gone by, with a wonderful sense of peace and great diversity of people.

Is Laos safe?

Laos is one of the safest tourist destinations in Southeast Asia – locals are often helpful and polite to foreigners. You may encounter low-level crimes, such as scams and pickpockets in touristy spots, which are annoying rather than dangerous.

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Is Laos poor?

Landlocked Laos is one of the world’s few remaining communist states and one of East Asia’s poorest. … After the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, Laos began opening up to the world. But despite economic reforms, the country remains poor and heavily dependent on foreign aid.