Your question: How much does it cost to hire an Indonesian maid in Malaysia?

How much should I pay an Indonesian maid in Malaysia?

Association of Foreign Housemaids Agencies (PAPA) president Datuk Raja Zulkepley Dahalan warned that employers may soon have to fork out up to RM8,000 to hire an Indonesian maid. Maid agencies currently charge RM7,500 for each maid brought in from Indonesia compared with the RM6,000 fee charged early last year.

How much does it cost to employ an Indonesian maid?

Originally intended to start from 15 January 2021, employers hiring Indonesian maids will need to pay the placement fee instead due to a new ruling by Indonesian authorities. This is to enable new Indonesian FDWs to come to Singapore debt-free. This placement fee is estimated to be around $1,500 to $1,800.

How much do you pay a maid in Malaysia?

An October 2017 article published by New Straits Times reported that the cost for a Malaysian to hire a domestic worker through an employment agency is between RM12,000 and RM18,000. However, the official rate fixed by the Malaysian and Indonesian governments was only RM8,000.

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What is the average salary of an Indonesian maid?

According to a circular issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the increased minimum wage for an Indonesian housemaid with an experience of two years and more is Dh1,400 per month and goes up to Dh3,200 for a maid with an experience of 20 years and above.

How much does it cost to hire a Filipino maid in Malaysia?

Accordingly to the research, hiring Philippines maid in Malaysia would easily cost you about Rm 12,000 to RM18,000 in which a very large portion from the amount is agency fee.

What is the salary for a Filipino maid in Malaysia?

Although the minimum salary is RM1680 per month, some Filipino helpers earn higher salaries due to their prior work experiences, skills and qualifications. Employers may need to pay a higher salary to hire a more experienced or skilled domestic helper.

How much does a maid transfer cost?

So, for a new maid, you will roughly spend about $2500 to $3500, with a 6 to 9 months salary cut on the maid. For a transfer maid, the agency fee is much lesser, only a few hundred bucks. The transfer fee will be borne by the transfer maid which is equivalent to 1 to 2 months salary cut on the maid.

How much does a Filipino maid cost?

The cost of a maid varies depending on whether she is live-in and where you live in the Philippines. In the Manila region a maid will cost around P3000 per month, in richer neighbourhoods such as Makati it’s possible for a maid to earn P5000 a month.

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How do I employ maid direct from Indonesia?

Employing a Transfer Maid Without Going Through an Agent.

Here are the steps: Obtain consent of the transfer. Confirm that the present employer has sent the FDW for her six monthly medical exam and if the last exam was 5 months ago, send her for one. Submit a new Work Permit application for her, available here.

Can I get a maid now in Malaysia?

Malaysian borders have been closed to all new maids and helpers hired by local families since March 2020. Border reopening for new helpers hired by Malaysians is expected to take place towards the end of 2021.

How much does a house maid cost?

What Does a Maid Cost? According to, a home services company, a house cleaning service costs $25 to $50 an hour on average, depending on where you live, as of 2020. The total cost could range from $80 to $110 for a small apartment to $150 to $250 for a 2,000-square-foot house.

Where can I find a maid in Malaysia?

With the assistance of the best maid agencies in Malaysia, workers and helpers strive to fill in the gaps and help sustain their employer’s needs.

  1. Agensi Pekerjaan Kawasama. …
  2. Innovedge Maid Agency. …
  3. Tazia Maid Agency. …
  4. Agensi Pekerjaan Venture Provision (APVP) …
  5. YDS Maid Agency. …
  6. DG Maid Agency. …
  7. E-Job Maid Agency.

How many hours should a maid work?

How many hours should a maid work? For those working five days a week or less, MOM recommends up to 9 hours of work a day or 44 hours a week for contractual workers; and up to 8 hours of work a day for those working more than five days a week.

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What happens if my maid runs away?

You should file a police report if your maid is still not found after reasonable efforts to locate her. The police will be able to investigate and find out if your maid has left the country.

How is maid prorated salary calculated?

Note: 1 day’s salary can be calculated by dividing her monthly salary by 26 working days, as there are typically 4 weeks and therefore 4 rest days in a month.

How do I calculate my FDW’s pay in-lieu of a weekly rest day?

Your FDW’s monthly salary $560
1 day’s salary $560 ÷ 26 = $21.50
Payment for rest days not used $21.50 × 2 = $43
You should pay $560 + $43 = $603