You asked: What is the fifth largest island in Indonesia?

What are the 5 largest islands in Indonesia?

The largest islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Sulawesi, and the Indonesian part of New Guinea (known as Papua or Irian Jaya).

What are the 5 islands of Indonesia?

The Southeast Asian country Indonesia consists of five large islands — Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi, and New Guinea — and thousands of smaller ones, including the ever-popular island of Bali.

What are the 2 largest island in Indonesia?

The Biggest Islands Of Indonesia

Rank Island Area
1 New Guinea (shared with Papua New Guinea) 303,381 square miles
2 Borneo (shared with Brunei and Malaysia) 288,869 square miles
3 Sumatra 184,954 square miles
4 Sulawesi 69,761 square miles

What are the six main islands of Indonesia?

Broadly, there are six major Indonesia islands that are worth mentioning about – namely, Sunda Islands, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Maluku Island, and New Guinea.

What is the third largest island in Indonesia?

Indonesia shares the claim to Borneo, the third-largest island, with two other countries – Brunei and Malaysia. However, the largest section of the island is Indonesian territory.

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What is the largest island?

Greenland is the world’s biggest island. A visualization designed by mapmaker David Garcia maps the 100 largest islands by size. Each island in the image is color-tinted to reflect its climate. Greenland is the biggest island on the list.

Is Indonesia the largest island in the world?

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country and the 14th-largest country by area, at 1,904,569 square kilometres (735,358 square miles). With about 270 million people, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country and the most populous Muslim-majority country.

Is Bali the biggest island?

The provincial capital, Denpasar, is the most populous city in the Lesser Sunda Islands and the second-largest, after Makassar, in Eastern Indonesia. The upland town of Ubud in Greater Denpasar is considered Bali’s cultural centre.


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What is the largest island in the Malay Archipelago?

Situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the archipelago of over 25,000 islands and islets is the largest archipelago by area and fourth by number of islands in the world.

Malay Archipelago.

Area 2,870,000 km2 (1,110,000 sq mi)
Largest settlement Bandar Seri Begawan
East Timor

What is the smallest island of Indonesia?

List of Indonesian islands by area

Island’s name Area (km2) Area (sq mi)
New Guinea 785,753 303,381
Borneo 748,168 288,869
Sumatra 473,481 184,954
Sulawesi 180,681 69,761

Which island is the westernmost major island of Indonesia?

Sumatra is the westernmost major island of Indonesia.

What are the Indonesian islands called?

The islands of Indonesia, also known as the Indonesian Archipelago or Nusantara, may refer either to the islands comprising the country of Indonesia or to the geographical groups which include its islands.

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Why does Indonesia have so many islands?

Indonesia has so many islands it has never been able to fully count or name them. Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), an island is defined as a naturally formed area of land, surrounded by water, which is still exposed at high tide. …

How many islands make up Malaysia?

Malaysia has 878 islands, ranging from the inhabited and accessible to the lonely and remote. Along the west coast of the peninsula you can find the popular island of Langkawi, with tropical beaches and luxurious resorts, and also the island of Penang, with colonial architecture and pristine rainforest.