You asked: Can I live in Batam and work in Singapore?

Yes, you can definitely can live in Batam and work in Singapore, I know many people doing that, there are ferry crossing back and forth Batam – Singapore in every hour, so usually they take the earliest ferry from Batam at 06.00 AM (Indonesian Time) and reach Singapore around 8.00 AM (Singapore Time) (around 1 hr …

Is it possible for Indonesian to work in Singapore?

To be able to work in Singapore, you would need a valid work pass issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower applied by your employer. … Therefore, if you are in the middle of transiting between employments, you need to ensure that your new work pass is issued by your new employer within this 30-days timeframe.

Where do expats live in Batam?

Housing. There are a large number of housing estates on Batam. Favoured among expats is the Villa Panbil, (which has a pool, gym restaraunt nice landscaping and is a gated community with good security), Sukajadi and Duta Mas estates located between Muka Kuning and Batam Center.

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Can Indonesian man work in Singapore?

Hi, Indonesian here, working in Singapore. He needs to find a job and then the company will have to apply a working visa for him. The 2 most common visas are S-Pass for a minimum salary of $2,200 per month and Employment pass for a minimum salary of $3,600.

Is Batam safe?

Batam is generally safe during the daytime hours, but at night if you are in the entertainment areas of Nagoya you should exercise caution. Do not walk alone at night; if you want to leave somewhere and it is late, find someone else who is leaving or about to leave, or stay until it closes and then all go together.

Can Indonesians apply for work permit in Singapore?

As mandated by Singapore laws, all foreign citizens are required to obtain a work visa to work legally in the country.

How can I hire Indonesian worker in Singapore?


  1. Complete the Personalised Employment Pass Application Form and relevant documents.
  2. Submit the completed application at any SingPost branch.
  3. $70 application fee.
  4. After 8 weeks, if pass is approved, an in-principle approval (IPA) letter will be mailed to the Singapore address provided in the application.

Can Singaporean buy house in Batam?

For many years Indonesia has decreed that land in Indonesia can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. Thus, if you want to buy a house (as a foreigner), this would have been legally impossible.

Is Batam bigger than Singapore?

Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. … It is the closest part of Indonesia to Singapore, at a minimum land distance of 5.8 km.

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Is Batam worth visiting?

Batam is just across the water from Singapore, so if you are looking for a weekend break to Indonesia then this is a great place to come. … The island is famous as a place where people come to relax and get away from it all and as such it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

What is the best way to get a job in Singapore?

This guide will walk you through 8 steps for finding a job in Singapore.

  1. Check your eligibility to work in Singapore. …
  2. Choose a thriving industry. …
  3. Understand common employment practices. …
  4. Find a job in Singapore through online search. …
  5. Meet with an employment agency. …
  6. Meet people. …
  7. Apply for your work visa. …
  8. Get ready to move.

What is the minimum salary for work permit in Singapore?

Only eligible candidates will be considered for an Employment Pass. Criteria include a minimum salary of $4,500 and acceptable qualifications. Use the Self-Assessment Tool to check a candidate’s eligibility before you apply.

What is the difference between Work Permit and S Pass?

A key difference between Work Permit passes and an S Pass or Employment Pass, would be that the former does not allow the pass holder to bring his or her family to reside in Singapore, while the latter may be permitted to do so under certain conditions.

Is Batam border open?

Batam and Bintan islands will be reopened to foreign tourists on Oct. 14.

Is Batam same time as Singapore?

Time in Singapore vs Batam

Singapore is 1 hour ahead of Batam. If you are in Singapore, the most convenient time to accommodate all parties is between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm for a conference call or meeting. In Batam, this will be a usual working time of between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

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How far is Batam from Singapore?

The distance between Singapore and Batam is 32 km. How do I travel from Singapore to Batam without a car? The best way to get from Singapore to Batam without a car is to subway and ferry which takes 2h 2m and costs $26 – $28.