Who owns the $63 million bungalow in Singapore?

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is in talks to buy a $64 million bungalow in Singapore, according to Singapore’s Business Times. Chew, 38, became TikTok’s CEO in May after joining parent company ByteDance as chief financial officer. The CEO is expected to redevelop the bungalow, which appears to be old and dilapidated.

Who owns the most expensive bungalow in Singapore?

… and this ultra-modern house, which belongs to Stephen Riady, the executive chairman of real estate company OUE. Riady paid US$70 million (S$95 million) for the home – which was designed by French architect Jean Francois Milou – in August 2019.

Who owns good class bungalow in Singapore?

1. Chew Shou Zi, Tik Tok CEO. Tik Tok is THE social media app of the 2020s, and newly-appointed Singaporean CEO Chew Shou Zi has surely cashed in on the Chinese company’s success, having recently purchased an $86 million Good Class Bungalow at Queen Astrid Park in the Holland/Bukit Timah area.

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Who is the owner for 63 million GCB?

The bungalow is being built by the Soh family behind lifestyle developer Meir Homes. Market watchers attribute the record psf fetch for the Cluny Hill bungalow to the lack of brand new bungalows for sale near the Botanic Gardens.

Who owns GCB in Singapore?

Nonetheless, there have been a surge in Singapore GCB transactions recently. To give some context, an individual purchased the GCB located at 81 Dalvey Road for a total of S$93.9 million in 2018. This property was owned by Lim Kim San, the first chairman of HDB who helped implement Singapore’s public housing.

Which is the largest estate in Singapore?

The largest region in terms of area is the West Region with 201.3 km2 (77.7 sq mi), while the Central Region is the most populous with an estimated population of 922,980 inhabitants in the area in 2019.

Can foreigners buy good class bungalow in Singapore?

Is there any restriction on the property that foreigners can buy? Yes. The land area of the property must not exceed 1,393.5 sq metres or 15,000 sq feet. In addition, the property must not be situated within a good class bungalow (GCB) area.

Why Dyson can buy GCB?

Why is Dyson allowed to purchase the bungalow? To qualify to buy landed homes in a GCB Area, foreigners in Singapore, including permanent residents, must prove that they have made exceptional economic contributions, and can only use the property for their own occupation. … And huge homes.

Can foreigners own GCB in Singapore?

Since 2012, only Singaporeans can purchase these GCB properties. Foreigners will need to get approval from the government to buy a GCB, like what we’ve seen with James Dyson’s Cluny Road purchase back in 2019.

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Can GCB have basement?

GCB can have an attic and basements. The maximum site coverage (footprint) of Good Class Bungalow must not exceed 40% of the land.

What is the most expensive house in the world?

Some of the other most expensive homes ever sold are vertical palaces designed to withstand earthquakes or sprawling estates with breathtaking views.

The 13 most expensive homes.

# Name Price
1 Buckingham Palace $6.7 billion
2 Antilia $2 billion
3 Villa Leopolda $750 million
4 The One $500 million

Where are the GCB in Singapore?

Some of the exclusive locations of Good class bungalows GCB in Singapore are District 10’s Belmont Park, Cluny Park, Holland Park, Ridley Park, White House Park, and Nassim Road. Indeed, Nassim Road is one of Singapore’s most sought-after residential areas.

What is the most expensive HDB in Singapore?

Other FAQs on Most Expensive HDB Flat

The most expensive HDB flat is a DBSS flat in Bishan, which was sold for S$1.296 million in July 2021.

Who bought 33 Nassim Road?

Nanofilm founder’s wife buys Nassim Road good class bungalow for $128.8m. SINGAPORE – A good class bungalow in Nassim Road has been sold for $128.8 million to the wife of the founder of Nanofilm Technologies International – a local nanotechnology solutions company.

Which is the most expensive condo in Singapore?

James Dyson, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, paid $54.2 million for the Wallich penthouse in July 2019. The purchase set a record for the most expensive condo ever sold in Singapore. He sold it at a loss in October 2020, for $47 million.

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