What was the United States strategy in Vietnam?

The U.S. would wage a war of attrition, a military tactic through which a long series of small-scale attacks gradually wears down the enemy. The goal was to inflict heavy damage on North Vietnam and the Viet Cong, so much damage in fact, that it would be impossible for them to recover and keep fighting.

What was the new strategy that American troops adopted in Vietnam?

Vietnamization was a policy of the Richard Nixon administration to end U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War through a program to “expand, equip, and train South Vietnamese forces and assign to them an ever-increasing combat role, at the same time steadily reducing the number of U.S. combat troops”.

Why did the US strategy in Vietnam fail?

Failure of Operation Rolling Thunder: The bombing campaign failed because the bombs often fell into empty jungle, missing their Vietcong targets. … The brutal tactics used by US troops often drove more Vietnamese civilians to support the Vietcong.

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What was the military strategy of the United States in Vietnam quizlet?

Military strategy; idea was to insert ground forces into hostile territory, search out the enemy, destroy them, and withdraw immediately afterward. A jungle trail that ran from North Vietnam down to South Vietnam. passing through neighboring countries as well. You just studied 19 terms!

What military strategies did the US use against the Viet Cong?

What military strategies did the Americans use against the Vietcong? What military strategies did the Vietcong use against the Americans? Goerilla tactics—hit and run; booby traps and land mines. Funding for war led to higher taxes, inflation, hurt Great Society policies; total code of war was around $140 million.

What strategies did the Vietnamese use during the Vietnam War?

The Vietcong encouraged a fear amongst the peasants that the Americans and South Vietnamese would take this land back. They would frustrate the Americans by simple tactics: retreating when the enemy attacked; raiding enemy camps; attacking the enemy when they were tired and pursuing the enemy when they retreated.

Why did US fight in Vietnam?

The U.S. entered the Vietnam War in an attempt to prevent the spread of communism, but foreign policy, economic interests, national fears, and geopolitical strategies also played major roles. Learn why a country that had been barely known to most Americans came to define an era.

Why did US invade Vietnam?

China had become communist in 1949 and communists were in control of North Vietnam. The USA was afraid that communism would spread to South Vietnam and then the rest of Asia. It decided to send money, supplies and military advisers to help the South Vietnamese Government.

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What military strategies did the US use in Vietnam How successful were they quizlet?

The U.S. used bombing, dropping chemicals, search and destroy missions, and burning houses, etc… Their strategies were not successful. What was the strategy of North Vietnam’s leader, Ho Chi Minh, and how successful was it? North Vietnam fought only small battles and this strategy was very successful.

What strategy did the United States adopt in Vietnam based on domino theory?

Based on the perceived threat of the domino theory, the U.S. government adopted the policy of containment: trying to contain communism in the countries it was already in and keep it from spreading.

Why did the United States entered the war in Vietnam quizlet?

The United States entered the war to prevent the spread of communism. North Vietnam was communist and wanted to make North Vietnam and South Vietnam one country. The United States entered this war prevent the spread of communism over South- East Asia.

What advantages did the US military possess in the Vietnam War?

This gave them a mental advantage over their opponents. Most importantly, they were fighting for their own country.

What advantages did the US have in the Vietnam War?

The US had the most advanced war technology and was economically very powerful so they could invest heavily in the war. They also had South Vietnamese soldiers on their side. The US had a powerful air force and could use it to deploy troop support, bombing and raids. The US had a very large army.

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What advantage did they give the Vietcong?

Their having lived in these areas prior to the war gave them superior knowledge of the land, which they used to plant traps and plan ambushes. Additionally, they were not tied down by as rigid of a military structure as the US, so they were able to fight independently and wage their own private wars.