What is the rural population of Vietnam?

Vietnam rural population for 2020 was 60,992,356, a 0.23% decline from 2019. Vietnam rural population for 2019 was 61,129,967, a 0.16% decline from 2018. Vietnam rural population for 2018 was 61,226,806, a 0.1% decline from 2017. Vietnam rural population for 2017 was 61,288,919, a 0.06% decline from 2016.

What percent of Vietnam is rural?

In 2019, around 65.6 percent of Vietnam’s population resided in rural areas. According to the projection, the urban population and rural population was estimated to be even by 2030. By 2069, the rural population was projected to account for 64.8 percent of the overall population, twice the size of the rural population.

Is Vietnam more urban or rural?

Vietnam has the highest urbanization rate in Southeast Asia. Just a decade ago, only 24% of its population lived in cities, with 65% of the labor force employed in rural agriculture. Today, already more than 30 million people live in urban areas, accounting for approximately 34% of Vietnam’s total population.

How much of the population is rural?

How Does the U.S. Census Bureau Define “Rural?” At the time of the 2010 Decennial Census, almost 60 million people, about 19 percent of the population, lived in rural areas of the United States.

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What percentage of Vietnam live in urban areas?

In 2020, the population living in urban areas in Vietnam accounted for 37.34 percent of the total population.

What is the poverty rate in Vietnam?

In 2020, the poverty rate in Vietnam was around 4.8 percent.

Whats is rural?

The Census Bureau defines rural as “any population, housing, or territory NOT in an urban area”. Its definition of rural is closely tied to its urban definition. There are two types of urban areas: “Urbanized Areas” – population of 50,000 or more “Urban Clusters” – population of at least 2,500 and less than 50,000.

What is the literacy rate in Vietnam?

In 2020, the literacy rate was at approximately 95.4 percent in Vietnam. Vietnam is among the countries with the highest adult literacy rate in the Asia Pacific.

What type of soil does Vietnam have?

Gray podzolic soils are found in parts of the central highlands and in old terraces along the Mekong, while regurs (rich black loams) and lateritic soils occur in both the central highlands and the terrace zone. Along the coast of central Vietnam are regosols (soft, undeveloped soils) and noncalcic brown soils.

How much of Thailand is urbanized?

Urbanization means the share of urban population in the total population of a country. In 2020, 51.43 percent of Thailand’s total population lived in urban areas and cities.

Is rural America poor?

According to the most recent estimates from the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS), the nonmetro poverty rate was 15.4 percent in 2019, compared with 11.9 percent for metro areas. Nonmetro poverty fell 3.0 percentage points from 2013, when it reached its 30-year peak of 18.4 percent.

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How much of America is rural?

Rural areas in the United States, often referred to as Rural America, consists of approximately 97% of the United States’ land area. An estimated 60 million people, or one-in-five residents (19.3% of the total U.S. population), live in Rural America.

Is Alaska rural?

Alaska is the largest state geographically and covers 571,951 square miles, with a 2020 estimated population of 733,391 people – 239,408 living in rural Alaska (USDA-ERS). Juneau, the capital, is located in the southeastern coastal region of the state. The state’s largest cities are Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks.

What was the largest urban area in Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest in the country with a population of over 3.4 million. The next largest city, Hanoi, has a population of over 1.4 million, which lags significantly behind Ho Chi Minh City’s figures.

What are urban centers?

Definitions of urban center. a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts. synonyms: city, metropolis. types: national capital. the capital city of a nation.