What does Luk mean in Thai?

What is Luk in Thai?

Example use of the word ‘luk’ (child): luk sao: daughter (child young-woman, roughly)

What does Na Lak mean in Thai?

9) Narak. Often pronounced as nalak, this basically means cute. It’s not an obvious word for first time visitors to learn and usually pleasantly surprises Thai people when they hear a foreigner use it in the right context. … Narak can also be used when talking about a woman or man you find attractive.

What does Aloy mean in Thai?

Aloy means Delicious in Thai, and it was that…

What does DEK mean in Thai?

The word dek means “child” but it was waen that invoked fury. The inference was yet another English word had invaded the Thai language, meaning waen had its roots in English.

What is the meaning of luk thung?

Luk thung, or Phleng luk thung (Thai: ลูกทุ่ง or เพลงลูกทุ่ง, pronounced [pʰlēːŋ lûːk tʰûŋ], ‘child of the field song’), often known as Thai country music, is an acculturated song genre that emerged after World War II in the central region of Thailand.

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What does Luksao meaning?

Explanation: in English: luk sao. Luk sounds like ‘Luke. ‘ This is the usual word for daughter.

What does Aroy Dee mean?

Aroy-dee. Thank you. Kop-khun. Kop-khun-kha for women and kop-khun-krub for men. Thank you very much.

What does aroi Mak Mak mean?

“Aroy” means “delicious” or “tasty.” “Mak” means “very.” When you’re eating out, you’ll hear the question “Aroy mai?” more than once, which means, “Is it delicious?” The polite response is usually to gush over the quality of the food with an enthusiastic “Aroy mak.” It’s ok to lie a little bit and give the dishes an “ …

What does Mak Mak mean in Thai?

aroi mak mak means delicious in Thai.

What does Sanuk mean?

Sanuk, a Thai word meaning “fun”; see the entry for สนุก at Wiktionary.

What does mai pen rai mean in Thai?

“Mai pen rai”, which can be translated as “never mind” or ‘It is nothing’ is a very common expression in Thai, the language of Thailand.

What does Na Rak mean in Thai?

1. Narak (น่ารัก) Narak is a way to say cute in Thai language. You can use this word to describe most of the things that you think that they are cute – from dresses, animals, persons, personality and so on. The word has a wide reach so you don’t have to worry about overusing it.

What does ding dong mean in Thai?

a noisy argument. มีเรื่องกัน (Translation of ding-dong from the PASSWORD English–Thai Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)