Quick Answer: What is considered good luck in Thailand?

In many cultures, rainbows are considered good luck – in Thailand if you point at a rainbow your finger will fall off. It is advised (and safer!) that you point with all your fingers and the palm of your hand, same goes for holy images.

What is a symbol of good luck in Thailand?

Nang Kwak

Nang Kwak นางกวัก
Good luck
Nang Kwak luck-bringing charm for shopkeepers in Bangkok
Affiliation Phosop, Kuman Thong, Tutelary deities
Symbol Beckoning hand, bag full of money

What is considered bad luck in Thailand?

It is widely believed that sleeping with your bed facing the West will bring you bad luck, as only dead bodies face this direction, like at funerals. Many Thais take this very seriously, even making sure not to sleep facing the West at hotels.

Is 5 a lucky number in Thailand?

The belief: Some people believe that auspicious phone numbers bring luck and fortune to their owners. The word for the number five (ha) in Thai sounds like laughter so its owner should have a life full of happiness. The word for nine (kao) in Thai is a homophone for the word walk in Thai, suggesting prosperity.

What do snakes mean in Thailand?

That’s why Mucalinda Naga is depicted in Thai temples, where the serpent plays a role of a protector of Buddhism. … In old Buddhist legends, a snake or “Naga” changed his appearance into a man in order to enter the monkhood.

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What are Filipino superstitions?

Don’t go straight home after attending a wake

Superstitions surrounding wakes are among the most widely practiced by Filipinos still today. Another is that the family of the deceased should not drop off visitors at the door upon saying goodbye as it symbolizes dropping them off at their own deaths.

What does 55555 mean in Thai?

Simply put, 55555 in Thailand is just the Thai version of hahahaha. This is because the Thai word for five is ha (ห้า), and instead of typing the more cumbersome hahahahaha, Thais simply press their finger on the 5 key on the keyboard to imply laughter.

What does 555 mean in Thai?

So, if you’ve ever been wondering what 555 means in Thailand, here it is: Writing 555 is the same as using hahaha or lol in your message. Yup, it is that simple. Next time you see it you’ll know they are joking around, having a laugh, or thought what they wrote is funny (don’t we all).

Is number 8 lucky in Thailand?

Thais traditionally consider the number “9” to be the luckiest, while “8” is the luckiest for Chinese. Many of Thailand’s wealthiest business people are ethnic Chinese.

What Naga means?

Naga symbolize the nether realm of earth or underworld.

Are Nagas evil?

Naga. The snakelike Nagas are not figures of evil like the serpent of Christian stories. Although some stories describe Nagas as Garuda’s enemies, whom he perpetually punishes, Nagas are also worshiped in their own right.

What is a Naga dragon?

naga, (Sanskrit: “serpent”) in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, a member of a class of mythical semidivine beings, half human and half cobra. They are a strong, handsome species who can assume either wholly human or wholly serpentine form and are potentially dangerous but often beneficial to humans.

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