Question: Who is the first takaful operator in Malaysia?

This paper describes the concept of Takaful in Islam and its implementation in the Islamic insurance industry in Malaysia, specifically in the establishment of Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (TMB), the first Takaful operator in Malaysia.

How many takaful operators are there in Malaysia?

This study has arranged structured interview sessions with the Chief Investment Officers and Heads of Investment of each of the eleven takaful operators in Malaysia.

Who invented takaful?

The Islamic Insurance Company of Sudan started as the first takaful company in 1979.

What is the takaful operator?

Takaful operations are based upon the principles of mutuality, whereby each participant makes a donation to a Takaful fund. In the event of its loss, the participant will receive the amount of its claim. All investments managed by the takaful operator are made in accordance to the Shariah law.

What is the name of the highest governing institution in takaful industry?

Background​​​ Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (131646-K), in short Takaful Malaysia or the Company began in 1981 when the Government of Malaysia set up a task force to study the feasibility of establishing an Islamic insurance company in Malaysia.

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When was takaful introduced Malaysia?


The history of the takaful industry in Malaysia began on 25 October 1982 when a Special Task Force was created to study the possibility of establishing Islamic insurance companies in Malaysia.

Does Allianz have takaful?

Allianz Insurance – HOI Insurance & Takaful.

What is hibah Malaysia?

Definition of Hibah

Hibah is the granting ownership of property from one party to another without any consideration (iwad) that occurs during the life of a hibah provider, made voluntarily, not meant to glorify anybody and given by reciting an ijab and qabul or any such expressions.

What does Takaful Malaysia do?

Takaful Malaysia provides an extensive range of protection plans to suit your diverse needs. From medical, motor takaful and home coverages to commercial cover, employee benefits and many more. Our products and services be it for individuals or businesses assure the best quality of care and security that you need.

How many takaful companies are there in the world?

In 2019, the number of general takaful operators worldwide amounted to 336 operators.

What is insurance Takaful?

Takaful, often referred to as ‘Islamic insurance’, is a way for businesses to mitigate the financial risk of unforeseen events. Takaful is based on social solidarity and cooperation, it is a pact among a group of people who agree to jointly indemnify loss or damage from a fund they donate to collectively.

Is Takaful same as insurance?

Takaful and conventional insurance companies share the same objective of providing protection to you, your loved ones and your valuable possessions. The main difference between conventional insurance and Takaful is that the former is a risk-transfer model whereas the latter is a risk-sharing model.

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Who owns the paid premium contribution in Takaful?

As it is generally practised in the industry, for the Family takaful, there are two accounts, namely the Participant Account and the Special Participant Account. The premium paid by the participant is paid into both accounts based on a ratio agreed by the takaful operator and the participant.

How many types of insurance are there in Islam?

There are eight full-fledged Islamic insurance companies in Bangladesh. Among them, five are life Islamic insurance and three are general Islamic insurance (Ali 2016).

Is Takaful allowed in Islam?

Mutual insurance systems such as takaful have existed in the Islamic world for centuries. Conventional insurance relies on interest-based investments – which are forbidden in Islam – and is entirely rooted in un-Islamic, speculative investments.