Is severance pay taxable Indonesia?

Is severance pay taxable in Indonesia?

* The rates are final and applied only if the payment is made at once, or in two years at the maximum if the payment is made in sequence.

Tax on severance payments.

Taxable income (IDR) Tax rate (%) Tax (IDR)
Up to IDR 50 million
Above IDR 50 million to IDR 100 million 5 2.5 million

What is severance pay in Indonesia?

Based on the Labour Law, the termination benefits for termination owing to downsizing are as follows: … for downsizing because of force majeure without company closure, employees are entitled to 0.75 basic severance pay, one-time basic service pay and compensation (article 45(2) of GR 35/2021).

Is a severance package taxable?

Yes, severance pay is taxable in the year that you receive it. Your employer will include this amount on your Form W-2 and will withhold appropriate federal and state taxes. See Publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income, for additional information.

What is Indonesian withholding tax?

Withholding tax is imposed at 20 percent on various amounts payable to non-residents (e.g. dividends, interest and royalties), unless the non-resident has a permanent establishment in Indonesia, whereby the rates applicable to payments to residents apply.

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How do taxes work in Indonesia?

According to Harmonizations of Tax Regulation Law (UU HPP), companies in Indonesia are taxed at a rate of 22% (down from 25% on the former law), for both domestic and international sourced income. Resident Indonesian companies are required to withhold tax at a rate of 20% from payments to foreign companies.

How is severance pay taxed 2020?

In addition, severance payments are classified as “supplemental wages” for income tax purposes. Employers must withhold income tax from such payments at a flat 22% rate and pay the money to the IRS.

How can I avoid paying taxes on severance pay?

“You can avoid the withholding tax by choosing to transfer the severance allowance directly into your RRSP or RPP,” Duguid points out. Transferring into a Registered Retirement Savings Plan or Registered Pension Plan shelters the money from tax by reducing your taxable income.

How can I avoid paying taxes on severance?

You can reduce your tax bill by directing your severance package to an IRA. Consider putting some of your severance into an HSA if you have a high-deductible health insurance plan. Ask your employer if the company can pay you out over two years. You can use some of the money from your package to fund a 529 plan.

Does Indonesia have VAT?

The VAT rate in Indonesia is currently at 10%, and it provides diverse exemptions and incentives to VAT-able entrepreneurs.

How many people pay taxes in Indonesia?

USD/bbl. With some 255 million people and 17,000 islands, Indonesia is big in many ways except one: its tax base. Only 27 million citizens are registered taxpayers, and in 2014 less than a million of them paid what they owed.

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What is the import duty in Indonesia?

Duty rates in Indonesia vary from 0% to 40%, with the average duty rate at 10.89%. Some products can be imported free of duty (e.g. books, laptops, and other electronic products). VAT is levied on imports at a standard rate of 10%, or at a reduced rate between 0% and 5% calculated on the sum of the CIF value and duty.