How can I change my driving license in Malaysia?

Can I convert my driving license in Malaysia?

Foreigners holding driving licenses from countries with signatories to any treaty or agreement with Malaysia may apply for conversion of driving license. … With effect from 31st December 2020, all foreigners can convert their driving license through the correct procedure on the JPJ website Malaysia.

Where can I change my driving Licence in Malaysia?

Where to Renew Your Driving License in Person

  1. Post Office (Pos Malaysia)
  2. Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ)
  3. Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)

How can I change my foreign driving license in Malaysia?

Process is the same:

  1. Driving license application form (JPJL1)
  2. Application form Exemption Application Method 5 ( Appendix B-2 – or Lampiran B-2)
  3. Passport (original & copy of biometric page)
  4. Visa/Pass issued by immigration (original & copy)
  5. Valid foreign driving license (original & copy)

Can I convert Indian driving license to Malaysian?

1. Automatic Conversion of Foreign Driving License to Malaysian Driving Under Bi Lateral Agreement. … If the country has no Embassy office in Malaysia, translation can be done by Malaysia Translation Institute ( • Original and copy of the passport.

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Can we use Singapore driving license in Malaysia?

Some member countries of ASEAN recognise the Singapore drivers’ licence. … Therefore, Singaporean motorists can use their national driver’s licence without the need to obtain an IDP in the following countries; Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia.

Can I use Singapore driving license in Malaysia?

Under these rules, a Singapore license can drive in Malaysia as long as you are not staying in the country for longer than 90 days. If you are using a foreign driving license in Malaysia, make sure you bring your full license (including any paper part) and that it is in good, readable condition.

Can I renew my driver’s license online?

This online system allows you to renew your driver’s license (DL) or identification card (ID).

Can we renew driving license in post office?

“Customers with pre-booked JPJ renewal service appointments have a choice to continue with their appointments at their preferred date, time and location or just walk in to any one of its post offices to carry out the renewal of their driving licence or road tax.

How much does it cost to renew license in Malaysia?

A yearly fee of RM30.

Can I use UK driving license in Malaysia?

You will be allowed to drive on your UK drivers licence while living in Malaysia for up to three months, or up to a year if you have an International Driving Permit (IDP). … After this, you will need to convert your UK driving licence into a local Malaysian driving licence.

How long can a foreigner living in Malaysia Driving in Malaysia with international driving license?

You can drive in Malaysia with an international driver’s licence for up to 90 days only, and afterwards, you need to apply for a Malaysian license, however, drivers from certain countries such as Singapore, Germany, Australia, and Switzerland can use their foreign driving licence for the first three months then convert …

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Is Indian license valid in Malaysia?


To drive on Malaysian roads, your Indian DL should be in English or in Malay. The document has to be vetted by the issuing authority or the Indian Embassy in Malaysia. If you do not have the same, then you will need International DL to drive on Malaysian roads.

Can I use Thai driving license in Malaysia?

Pursuant to Section 28 of APJ 1987, as mentioned above, the holder of a foreign country’s driving license can drive in this country as long as the foreign domestic driving license is still valid, and is accompanied by a translation in English or Malay (where the license is in a language other than English or Malay), …