Frequent question: How do I send a fax from Malaysia to Thailand?

Do fax numbers need country codes?

All international faxing requires a code to dial internationally, a country code, and then the fax number you are dialing to (in that order). … Whenever faxing internationally, it helps to double check the number, as some already include the prefix or country codes.

What do I dial to fax internationally?

How to dial an international fax number? To send an international fax, simply dial the country and area code, followed by the fax number, and begin the transmission using the instructions provided by your fax machine’s user manual.

How do I send an international fax?

Send an International Fax via Fax Machine

  1. Put the document you want to fax into the fax machine’s document feeder.
  2. Dial “011” if sending the fax from North America.
  3. Dial the desired country code. …
  4. Press the “Send” button to transmit the fax.
  5. Open your Internet browser.

How do I send a fax to Thailand?

Dial the fax number beginning with the digits 011, which is the international dialing code, followed by 66 for Thailand’s country code. Next, dial the digits that stand for the city code of the city in which the individual or business you are faxing is located.

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How do I send an international fax online?

How to Send Faxes to an International Number

  1. Open a new email message.
  2. In the To: field, enter the recipients Fax Number followed by For example: …
  3. Attach the file(s) you would like to send to the outgoing email message (maximum 10).
  4. The body of the email works as your cover page. …
  5. Click Send.

How can I send a fax via email?

How to Send a Fax by Email

  1. Compose a new email and address it to the recipient’s fax number followed by
  2. Cover Letters are optional. Enter the Subject Line and any Message into the body of the email. …
  3. Your fax and cover letter will be delivered to your recipient’s fax machine. It’s that simple!

How much does international fax cost?

But, if you use an online fax service to send international fax online, there is no difference between sending a fax to a number in your country or in other countries, and there is no cost for making such international call either.

What is an example of a fax number?

For example: To send to the U.S. fax number +1 323 555 1234, enter where 1 equals the country code; 323 is the area code; and 5551234 is the fax number.

What do fax numbers look like?

All fax numbers look exactly the same as phone numbers. … The only difference between the two is that a phone number has a regular telephone attached to it, and a fax number has a fax machine attached to it. Fax machines can also have regular telephones on them, and some numbers double as both phone and fax numbers.

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What app can i use to fax?

Effortlessly Send and Receive Faxes From Your Phone

The free eFax mobile apps are the perfect complement to your eFax service. Our fax app for iPhone and iPad and the fax app for Android put all the functionality of eFax right on your mobile device.

Does eFax work internationally?

eFax® enables you to send online faxes to dozens of countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and India. With an International Fax Number from eFax, you can: Create a business presence internationally.

Who can send a fax for me?

Places to Fax Near You

  • Office Depot/Office Max. …
  • FedEx/Kinkos. …
  • UPS Store. …
  • Staples. …
  • HyVee. …
  • Your Local Bank or Credit Union. …
  • AAA Travel and Auto Club. …
  • Postal Annex.

What is fax area code?

Fax numbers are almost identical to phone numbers. For this reason, you’ll need an area code if you are sending the fax outside of your local area. Depending on the way the machine or the phone system is set up, you may need to use the number ‘1’ before the area code.

How does fax work?

“Basically, a fax machine scans an image or a document line by line, then transmits that scan to a receiver where it’s printed out and reproduced,” said Jonathan Coopersmith, author of “Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015) and professor of history at Texas A&M University.