Can you use visa in Myanmar?

Visa and Mastercard are normally used in Myanmar.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Myanmar?

Is there a visa for Myanmar on arrival? Yes, Myanmar has a visa on arrival available which has roughly the same requirements as the Myanmar Tourist eVisa. The Myanmar visa allows you to visit as a tourist for 28 days in Total.

Can I use my debit card in Myanmar?

Secondly, if you are using a bank or debit card instead of a credit card, it must be activated for use outside Europe. As a precaution against fraud, banks have blocked the use of bank cards outside the euro zone. For this reason, you must activate your bank card for use in Myanmar before you leave.

Which country can get visa on arrival in Myanmar?

Who can get a Myanmar Business Visa On Arrival?

Australia Austria Brunei
Malta Nepal North Korea
Norway Philippines Romania
Russia Singapore South Africa
South Korea Spain Thailand

Is Myanmar visa free?

Any foreign national who wishes to enter Myanmar must obtain a visa unless they are a citizen of one of the eligible visa exempt countries. All visitors to Myanmar must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months.

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Where Myanmar can go without visa?

List of Visa Exemption Countries with Myanmar

No. Country Diplomatic/ Official Passport Holders
Duration of Stay
1 Brunei 14 days
2 Cambodia 30 days
3 Indonesia 14 days

Can I use US dollars in Myanmar?

US dollar bills taken to Myanmar must be in PERFECT CONDITION. Dollar bills should be brought to Myanmar in differing denominations: take plenty of $10, $5 and $1 bills to pay for hotels, flights and historical sites, and take $100 or $50 bills for exchanging to kyat (larger denominations usually get a better rate).

How do I apply for a visa in Myanmar?

How to apply

  1. Myanmar citizens and foreigners over the age of 18 can apply for AYA Visa Prepaid Card.
  2. Please visit your nearest AYA branch to apply.
  3. To apply for AYA Visa prepaid (World Travel Card), simply fill in your application form along with your copy of NRC or Passport to apply for AYA World Travel Card.

How much cash should I bring to Myanmar?

Foreign currencies: unlimited. Nationals of Myanmar must declare all foreign currency upon arrival. Foreigners must declare amounts exceeding USD 10,000. – or equivalent.

Can you immigrate to Myanmar?

All foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa appropriate for their purpose of visit to enter Myanmar. Citizens of certain countries are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival at designated immigration checkpoints. However, it is advisable to obtain a visa in advance of travel.

Is it possible to enter Myanmar?

Tourism is not permitted. Foreigners with compelling reasons to travel must get entry permission from the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs. COVID-19 restrictions are temporary, Myanmar will reopen to tourists as soon as safely possible.

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Do Filipino citizen need visa to Myanmar?

All Filipino nationals traveling to Myanmar must possess a valid Myanmar online visa for Filipino citizens to enter the country. Holders of valid Filipino passports are entitled to apply online for a Myanmar visa for Filipino citizens known as a Myanmar electronic Visa or eVisa Approval Letter.

Is Myanmar safe?

And, despite a buffet of no-go areas present throughout the country, Myanmar IS safe. Myanmar may not appear safe at times, because of on-going ethnic “issues”, but, as a tourist, these hardly affect you. Petty theft is almost non-existent.

How can I stay longer in Myanmar?

If you want to live and work in Myanmar for a long-term period, you have to get a Stay Permit and Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa. The Stay Permit can be issued for a period of three months to one year, and are valid for one entry.