You asked: Does Gmail work Vietnam?

Does Vietnam have Gmail?

Re: can you access gmail inside vietnam? Yes.

Is it true that Gmail is going away?

On April 2, 2019 we are shutting down the consumer (personal) version of Google+, a social network by Google. … No other Google products (such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, YouTube) will be shut down as part of the consumer Google+ shutdown.

Why is my Google page in Vietnamese?

i recommend you to Clear the Cache and Cookies of your browser. Refer to these guidelines to monitor your location and language settings on Google. Hopefully this will sort out your issue, If not then kindly send feedback to Google from the bottom of the page regarding the issue.

What if I forgot my Gmail password?

Gmail’s Standard Recovery Procedure

  1. Head to the Gmail sign-in page and click the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. Enter the last password you remember. If you can’t remember one, click “Try a different question.”
  3. Enter the secondary email address you used when you set up your Gmail account to get a password reset email.
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Is Gmail blocked in Vietnam?

The Chinese dynasties ruled Vietnam for one thousand years. … In Vietnam, Google and Facebook are tops and Twitter isn’t blocked.

Is Gmail shutting down 2021?

In 2021, users are facing several new rules of Google. These include taking advantage of free photos on Google Photos, and even shutting down inactive accounts. Under the new policy, all accounts that have been inactive for more than two years will be completely deleted.

Is Google shutting down in 2021?

The search giant is shutting down the service that has been there for almost 16 years. Come September 30, 2021, Google Bookmarks will be closed off for all users. “After September 30th 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported,” says a banner running on the Google Bookmarks page.

Has Gmail changed 2021?

GOOGLE has introduced new rules governing its popular online apps, starting today, June 1, 2021, which enable the US technology firm to delete users’ Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive accounts without needing permission. Here’s all you need to know about the changes and if they will affect you.

How do I change my Google Chrome from Vietnam to English?

Click the three bar button on the top right of Google Chrome. A dialog will appear click on the “Tieng Anh (Hoa Ky)” option and then click on the two buttons one is asking you to use US English for the interface and the other is whether you want chrome to use english for spell check.

Can I change your language?

Scroll down to the General preferences for the web​ panel. Click Language. … Choose your language from the dropdown box, and click Select. If you understand multiple languages, select Add another language.

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How do you type Vietnamese in Chrome?

On Chromebook:

First you want to add Vietnamese Keyboard, which could be done by opening Settings, then Advanced Settings, and scrolling down to Languages. You’ll then want to click Languages and input settings. On the left side, you’ll see a column of the Keyboards you have.

How can I create a new Gmail?

To create an account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create account.
  3. The sign-up form will appear. …
  4. Next, enter your phone number to verify your account. …
  5. You will receive a text message from Google with a verification code. …
  6. Next, you will see a form to enter some of your personal information, like your name and birthday.

How do I get my 8 digit backup code for Gmail?

If you lost your backup codes, you can revoke them and get new ones.

  1. Go to the 2-Step Verification section of your Google Account.
  2. Select Show codes.
  3. Select Get new codes.

How can I open Gmail without password and phone number?

Go to the Gmail sign in page at and after entering your e-mail address click the “Forgot password? link. Go directly to the start of the recovery process at