What plant is part of wedding procession in Thailand?

Once the gates have been successfully negotiated, the groom’s family will present gifts to the bride’s family which traditionally include banana and sugar plants.

How do you negotiate on sin sod?

To negotiate Sin Sod, the groom is to approach the Thai parents with Tong Mun, literally translating into “gold engagement” which is 24-karat jewelry for the bride, similar to an engagement ring, but anything with value. “Sin,” meaning riches, and “Sod,” the act of holding on to something, is the dowry itself.

What is khan maak procession?

Khan Maak Procession. The “Khan Maak” includes rice, sesame seeds, Thai food and Thai desserts for the feast, as well as monetary gifts and other precious items, such as gold and jewelry, which will make up the dowry to the Bride’s parents later on in the ceremony.

What is Rod Nam?

The main event of the wedding ceremony, called rod nam sang, is held in the afternoon. A flower chain connects the hands of the bride and groom as they are held in a wai (Thai symbol of respect). Usually the most senior and respected member of the group officiates this event.

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Who pays for wedding in Thailand?

Traditionally in Thailand, a ‘dowry’ is paid by the groom and his family to the family of the bride. There is much written about the subject and if you asked a thousand men how much they paid you would probably get a thousand different answers.

How much is average Thai dowry?

An average middle-class, university-educated Thai lady deserves a dowry of 100,000- 300,000 baht. A dowry of a million baht for an uneducated lady of modest means is just ridiculous. Thai dowry prices fall drastically if your bride-to-be has been previously married, already has children, or is not a virgin anymore.

Do you have to pay to marry a Thai girl?

Rural families often expect less of a sin sod than city dwellers. Other factors will decrease the amount expected. If your Thai bride-to-be has been previously married, or already has children, her family may ask for a much smaller sin sod. In many of these cases no sin sod may be expected at all.

What is a Buddhist wedding ceremony like?

The partners show reverence to the Buddha by making offerings at an altar, or statue in his image. They might also visit a temple as part of the ceremony and perform rituals there. Most couples will light candles or incense, and present beautiful packages of food and flowers to the Buddha.

What is a traditional Thai wedding?

There is the traditional Thai Wedding which consists of a Buddhist religious ceremony and the legal marriage registration. The ceremony is the wedding, however, the registration takes care of legal aspects. This is paperwork to be filled out to officiate the marriage.

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How does a Thai wedding work?

During the wedding ceremony, the couple wear traditional Thai clothing and kneel in front of the senior elder, with the groom on the right. The couple ‘wai’ as specially prepared white thread, ‘sai monkhon’, is looped and used to link together the bride’s and the groom’s heads.

How do I marry a Thai woman in Thailand?

Requirements for Thai Nationals:

  1. Identification Cards of both parties.
  2. The House Registration Certificates of both parties.
  3. Person filing has previously registered marriage – If divorced, proof of divorce must be shown; in the event of spousal death (the applicant is a widow or widower) proof must accompany application.

What religion is Thailand?

While Buddhism is the dominant religion, other religions are also found in the country. A small but significant minority of Muslims lives primarily in southern Thailand, but also in and around Bangkok.

Do Thai people get engaged?

For Thais, it is quite common nowadays for the engagement to take place on the same day as the wedding. In many Thai-foreigner relationships the engagement often follows the western tradition of being a romantic one-on-one occasion that is then announced to others afterwards.

Do Thai wear wedding rings?

In Thai culture, you do not have to give an engagement ring per se, but you are expected to give a 24 carat gold jewellery to your bride. … At the close of the ceremony, you and your Thai bride will be considered engaged to be married.

How much does it cost to marry in Thailand?

As a guide, the average wedding in Thailand costs between USD $1,500-2,500.

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Is dowry in Thailand?

More popularly known as Sin Sod, this is paid as a sign of gratitude to your Thai bride’s parents for the good upbringing of their daughter. The dowry is mandatory at any Thai wedding ceremony, as Thais view marriage as based on financial stability.