What hotels are used for quarantine in Thailand?

Does Thailand have hotel quarantine?

Thailand ASQ is a period of mandatory quarantine accommodation for arriving international visitors at government-accredited hotels. … These ASQ packages include accommodation, 3 meals per day, two COVID-19 tests, airport transfers, and more.

What are ASQ hotels?

What’s ASQ? It’s a Bangkok hotel room with tons of Netflix, lots of room service, and two or three COVID tests on the side. At the time of writing, there are 147 approved ASQ hotels in Bangkok – and a shorter list of ‘ALSQ’ (Alternative Local State Quarantine) hotels in Phuket, Chonburi, Burirum and Prachiburi.

How much does state quarantine cost in Thailand?

An AQ hotel in Thailand tends to cost between $50-100 USD per night on the budget-friendly end. All quarantine hotels on our list are under 37,990 THB ($1,139 USD for a 14-day package all-inclusive service.)

What is an ALQ hotel?

Alternative Quarantine (AQ), previously called Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ or ALSQ), is the list of quarantine hotels, located outside Bangkok.

What is Thailand alternative quarantine?

Alternative Quarantine (AQ) is the process of quarantine at government-approved hotels in Thailand and the cost will be at the traveler’s own expense. For foreign travelers, many hotels together with hospitals launched Alternative State Quarantine Packages for those returning from abroad.

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Can I quarantine in Koh Samui?

Despite the fact that there is no quarantine requirement, arriving tourists under Samui Plus scheme are restricted to stay at approved accommodations. After the arrival to Koh Samui, 7 nights must be spent at the chosen Samui SHA Plus Hotels. The first night must be spent on Koh Samui!

Can I quarantine in Pattaya?

Pattaya / Chonburi Alternative Quarantine (AQ) is the list of government-approved quarantine hotels that can be used for the process of quarantine in Pattaya / Sriracha / Chonburi. Pattaya / Sriracha / Chonburi AQ packages are offered for foreign tourists and other travelers arriving to Thailand.

How many ASQ hotels are there in Thailand?

151 Thailand AQ / ASQ Hotels in Bangkok for Alternative Quarantine.

Can unmarried couples quarantine together in Thailand?

Yes, it’s offered by some of the participating hotels, but not all – check them out. You’re asked to provide ‘proof of co-habitation’, if not married.

Are there ASQ hotels in Chiang Mai?

treetops. BP Chiang Mai Hotel is the only one currently on the approved list for ALQ, but as you say, no flights = no customers.

Are there any ASQ hotels in Chiang Mai?

BP Chiang Mai Hotel – AQ / ASQ.

Can you quarantine in Phuket?

While there are still strict measures in place to control the spread of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, hotels in Phuket have opened their doors to quarantining visitors. Travellers arriving in Thailand with Phuket as their first port of call can enjoy a two-week quarantine break on the beach.

What is Phuket sandbox?

What is Phuket Sandbox? Phuket Sandbox plan is a new model that allows travelers who are fully vaccinated to enter Thailand without quarantine. The program is starting on 1 July 2021, before Thai borders will be fully reopened.

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How long is ASQ in Thailand?

What is ASQ? ASQ is a 14 day process of detaining Thai and foreign travelers at a government-approved hotel, in which travelers agree to pay for the expenses of staying there.

Which province is Bangkok in?


Bangkok กรุงเทพมหานคร Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Country Thailand
Region Central Thailand
Settled c. 15th century
Founded as capital 21 April 1782