What does J KJ means in Cambodia?

What does JA mean in Cambodia?

Jah/ bah (jaah/ bahh)/ yes (female/ male)

But if you want to fit in, then you better get used to saying “yes” a lot.

What is JKJ?


Acronym Definition
JKJ Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc. (insurance)
JKJ Jack Killed Jill (band)
JKJ Jaddu Ki Jappi (Hindi: Magical Hug)
JKJ JAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)-KEK (Ko Enerugi Kasokuki Kenkyu Kiko) Joint Project (physics; Tsukuba, Japan)

What does Ming mean in Cambodian?

In an informal situation, Cambodians will refer to an older man as Ta (grandfather), Po (uncle) or Bang (brother) and to an older woman as Yeay (grandmother), Ming (aunt) or Bang Srey (sister).

How do you say girlfriend in Cambodian?

Songsaa (song-saa) / “sweetheart”

Sticking with the romance theme, Khmers often affectionately refer to their girlfriend or boyfriend as songsaa, which directly translates to “sweetheart”.

What does JK mean in texting?

The movie was really terrible… jk. just kidding. just joking. just kid.

Does Ming mean brilliant?

The Chinese word “ming”, means brilliant. And indeed, the years of the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 C.E. were some of the most dazzling in China’s long history.

How do you say goodnight in Cambodian?

Réatri Suŏ Sdei (រាត្រីសួស្តី ) This is the common way to say Goodnight in Cambodia whether spoken or written. You can use this both for formal and informal communication.

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What language do they speak in Cambodia?

The Khmer language, the national language of Cambodia, is a member of the Mon-Khmer family of languages spoken over vast area of mainland South-East Asia.