What are problems that confront the Filipino family?

What are the problems that confront the Filipino family?

Disintegration of families, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, substance abuse, dangers of drugs, ways to help children say “NO’ to drugs, parental absenteeism, economic difficulties, absence of family goals and values, early sexual involvement, negative influence of media.

What are the problems that confront your family?

The 10 Most Common Family Problems and How to Deal with Them

  1. Arguments All The Time. …
  2. Parenting Decisions. …
  3. Balancing Home and Work-Life. …
  4. Getting The Family Organised. …
  5. Lack of Proper Communication. …
  6. Some Members Stress You Out. …
  7. Dividing Up the Chores. …
  8. Being Far from The Family.

What are the major problems facing families today?

Here are some of the most common challenges of family life today:

  1. Effective discipline. Deciding how to discipline a child can be one of the hardest parts of being a parent. …
  2. Communication. …
  3. Divorce adjustment and blended families. …
  4. Balancing work/school and family life.
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What are the major problems of the Philippines?

The Philippines are prone to natural disasters, particularly typhoons, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis, lying as it does astride the typhoon belt, in the active volcanic region known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” and in the geologically unstable region between the Pacific and Eurasian …

What are the current problems in the Philippines?

Poverty, lack of education, drug or substance abuse, vice, crime and unemployment are among the many problems that continue to batter them. Likewis:e, recent issues on the rising number of street children in urban centers, child abuse, forced-labor and pedophilia are quite alarming, aggravating the plight of the youth.

What are the 4 causes of family conflicts?

Common causes of family conflict

  • Learning to live as a new couple.
  • Birth of a baby.
  • Birth of other children.
  • A child going to school.
  • A child becoming a young person.
  • A young person becoming an adult.

What are disadvantages of family conflict?

Conflict has negative effects on all parties involved, especially children. … People living in family conflict are at greater risk for anxiety and depression, even after they leave the home, as well as addiction and eating disorders. Family conflict may escalate to physical abuse, physically harming family members.

What are 5 examples of a family crisis?


  • Arrival of a new baby.
  • Clashes of personality.
  • Relocation of family.
  • Loss of job/ employment.
  • Divorce.
  • Illnesses and accidents.
  • Death of a family member.

What are the 3 challenges of life?

6 Challenges in Life You Must Overcome to Become a Better Person

  • Loss. Whether you lose your job, an opportunity, or a relationship – loss is an inevitable part of life. …
  • Failure. …
  • Setbacks. …
  • Establishing Your Moral Compass. …
  • Mastering Your Mind. …
  • Overcoming Your Story.
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What are the top 10 problems in Philippine society?

Contents: 1- The Nature of Social Problems; 2- Poverty; 3- Deprivation of Basic Services; 4- Unemployment and Underemployment; 5- Street Children; 6- Crime; 7- Graft and Corruption; 8- Prostitution; 9- Drug Dependency; 10- Rapid Population Growth; 11- Environmental Degradation; 12- AIDS; 13- Some Other Pressing Social …

What are the three basic problems of the Philippines?

In the Philippines, conflict and violence are generated by poverty, inequality (both political power and economic resources in the hands of an elite), marginalization and poor governance.

What are the 3 basic economic problems in the Philippines?

Basic Economic Problems Confronting the Development of the Philippines in the 21st Century

  • It is the lack of income to buy the basic food and necessities for subsistence living.
  • Measured by poverty threshold and poverty incidence.