Question: How do I cancel my blue Singapore subscription?

Click on your name in the top-right corner of your account then go to your account’s My Plan page. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the box Cancel my subscription.

How do I cancel my BlueSG subscription?

BlueSG Basic Membership holders may terminate their Membership at any time during any Renewal Period by way of written notice through your BlueSG account not less than five (5) days prior to Your Renewal Date.

How do I cancel my blue car?

If you wish to cancel your booking please send us a mail to and we will assist you.

How Much Is Blue Singapore?


Membership fee $8 / month $18 / month
Rental fee $0.36 / min $0.36 / min
Monthly Rental Minutes Included None FREE 45 minutes
Commitment Period No commitment 6 months commitment

Can I use BlueSG without membership?

Subscribing to BlueSG is quick and easy. … You can either choose to receive a BlueSG member card or use your paired EZ-Link card. All you need is a valid driving licence and a credit or debit card! TO SUBSCRIBE, VISIT OUR WEBSITE OR DOWNLOAD THE BLUESG APP.

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How long does it take to charge BlueSG?

Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road

Have to register with BlueSg for a subscription fee and then pay as you use. Tesla more benefits to those living in landed. Can build own charging point. The charging speed is 380+ miles/hr = 30mins full charge = able to travel 250miles in the states.

How do I pay my BlueSG bill?

Please login to your account on the BlueSG app, tap on the top left profile button, tap on Subscription, choose your valid subscription and tap on payment mode to make a $0 payment to validate your new payment details.

How long can BlueSG car last?

The Bluecar has an average range of about 250 km, depending on speed and terrain. The Bluecar is meant for short trips around Singapore. If the battery level drops below 30%, users will be notified to return the vehicle to a BlueSG station.

Is BlueSG expensive?

How much does BlueSG cost? The short answer: It costs S$10.80 for a half-hour drive, or S$21.60 per hour. Renting the BlueCar costs S$0.36 a minute. As it is an electric car, there is no need to pay extra for fuel.

How many BlueSG cars are there?

There are currently 530 Bluecars and 253 BlueSG charging stations offering 1,003 charging points island-wide.

Why do people use BlueSG?

With 345 charging stations and 1,371 charging points islandwide, BlueSG is an attractive option for people who want the convenience of being able to drive, without having to be saddled with the fiscal responsibilities that come with car ownership in Singapore.

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Who owns BlueSG?

The Bluecar is a 100% electric vehicle manufactured by the Bolloré Group of France, designed and intended specifically for car-sharing. … You can park anywhere that is legal to park a vehicle, but you can only end your rental by plugging in at a BlueSG station.

How do I use BlueSG?

Activate: You will receive a Pairing Code that allows you to activate your membership at any BlueSG station. You will be able to pair your existing EZ Link card to your account or request a BlueSG membership card for vehicle access. Go: Just tap your card at any station to pick up a Bluecar and start driving!

Does BlueSG have GPS?

Locate a Station

To locate a station to return your BlueSG Car, you can use the car navigation feature from the GPS menu in your BlueSG Car or the BlueSG app from your Android or iPhone.

How do you lock a BlueSG?

Open the charging port cover on the BlueSG Car and insert the charging cable into the port fully. Close the charging port cover. The BlueSG Car must be plugged before you lock it. Lock the car by tapping your card on the reader located next to the driver’s side mirror.