Question: How can I get married in Philippine embassy?

Accomplished Application for Marriage Licence and Marriage Solemnization at Embassy – to be accomplished and signed by both bride and groom at the Embassy. Bride’s Certificate of Live Birth issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – bring original and three (3) photocopies.

Can we get married in Philippine Embassy?

The Embassy may only solemnize the marriage between two Filipino citizens who are both eligible for marriage under Philippine law. Both the bride and the groom must personally appear at the Philippine Embassy to accomplish and sign the Application for Marriage License and submit the documentary requirements.

How can I register my marriage in Philippine Embassy?

1. Application form accomplished Online Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Form/Marriage Announcement Form. 2. Accomplished Joint Affidavit of Witnesses Form (originally signed by 2 witnesses; preferably both Filipinos or with 1 Filipino witness)

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What are the requirements to get married in UAE Filipino?

General Procedure & Requirements:

Fill out Marriage form, Marriage Announcement form and Joint Affidavit of Witnesses Form. Submit duly filled out forms and other requirements specified in Case A to Marriage Section. Proceed to the Cashier for payment. A date of marriage shall be given to Filipino prospective couples.

How long is marriage contract processing?

Around five to 10 working days after the officiant registered your marriage, you can get a certified true copy of your marriage certificate at the LCR office.

What are the requirements for getting married?

Apply for pre-marital test in Dubai – Dubai Health Authority.

The following are the general requirements for a marriage to take place:

  • Approval of the bride.
  • In Dubai, at least one party to the marriage contract (husband, wife or wife’s guardian) should have a residence visa in the UAE.

Can you get married in embassy?

What is the role of the Embassy? The Embassy has no role in the process. U.S. diplomatic and consular officers may not perform marriages or serve as witnesses. Marriages may not take place at the Embassy.

Do I need to register my marriage in the Philippines if I get married abroad?

Filipino citizens married outside the Philippines must register the marriage with the Philippine Foreign Service Post (Embassy or Consulate) of the country where the marriage was officiated. … The contracting parties must provide all the details required in the Report of Marriage Form to avoid unnecessary delays.

What happens if your marriage is not registered in Philippines?

Dear PAO, It is considered as valid if the parties who are male and female and have legal capacity to contract marriage freely consented to a marriage in the presence of the solemnizing officer (Article 2, Family Code). …

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Can you get marriage license online Philippines?

This can be obtained from the NSO, or apply online; contact NSO Helpline Plus on +632 737 1111, or email the office for assistance if required.

Where can I get married fast?


  • New York. With a waiting period of just 24 hours and no residency requirement, New York is an ideal spot for a quick wedding. …
  • Las Vegas. …
  • Hawaii. …
  • USA: Other States. …
  • Denmark. …
  • Gibraltar. …
  • New Zealand.

Do I need to register my marriage in Philippine embassy?

A Filipino citizen married outside the Philippines must register the marriage with the Philippine Foreign Service Post (Embassy or Consulate) of the country where the marriage was officiated.

How can I get married without a ceremony?

Self Solemnization, also known as a self-uniting marriage is one in which the couple are married without the presence of a third-party officiant. The couple can essentially perform the legal solemnization of their own marriage, which will be recognized as a legal marriage throughout all of The United States.

Can I apply marriage license anywhere in the Philippines?

You can use the marriage license anywhere in the Philippines, and you have 120 days to get married once you have secured it.

Can you get married without a marriage license?

Whether you get legally married before, after, or never, a commitment ceremony is a perfectly legitimate and personal way to become married in the eyes of yourselves and those who know you. Commitment ceremonies mark the tradition from “dating” to “married.” Basically, it’s getting married without a marriage license.

What are the requirements to get a marriage license in the Philippines?


  • Marriage License Application Form.
  • Identification Card, bearing applicant’s residential address.
  • Birth or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants.
  • Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  • One (1) ID photo of both applicants.
  • If Applicable: Municipal Form No. 92 (Consent of Marriage of a Person Under Age)
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