Is Mercedes Singapore reliable?

Unlike its direct rival, BMW, Mercedes vehicles are known to be much more reliable and long-lasting. Although reliable, the cost of maintaining a Mercedes is not cheap. Some of its spare parts are very expensive and hard to find.

Is Mercedes Benz a reliable car?

The Mercedes-Benz Reliability Rating is 3.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 27th out of 32 for all car brands. This rating is based on an average across 345 unique models. The average annual repair cost for a Mercedes-Benz is $908, which means it has average ownership costs.

Is Mercedes servicing expensive Singapore?

Price Range from $900 to $1200

So there you go, that’s what it costs to service a Mercedes Benz car every once in a while.

Do Mercedes have a lot of problems?

One of the most common issues experienced by owners of Mercedes’ vehicles is with non-engine electrics. Mercedes vehicles are packed with new technology and earlier this year the new MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system including a top-of-the-range infotainment system was introduced in the latest A-Class models.

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Is BMW or Mercedes more popular in Singapore?

Singapore’s Most Popular Car Brands In 2021’s First Half

2021 First Half Rank Market share
1 Toyota 17.33%
2 Mercedes -Benz 14.76%
3 BMW 14.25%
4 Honda 9.78%

Is Mercedes better than BMW?

While the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is one of the highest performing large luxury sedans on the road today, the overall winner when it comes to luxury performance is BMW. Any consumer looking for style and performance in the same convenient package should choose a vehicle produced by BMW.

What problems do Mercedes-Benz have?

10 Glaring Problems With Mercedes-Benz Everyone Ignores

  • 10 Thrust Link Bushings Known To Crack Open.
  • 9 Air Suspension Failure.
  • 8 Engine Misfires.
  • 7 Oil Leaks.
  • 6 Differential Leaks.
  • 5 Rusts Fast.
  • 4 Low Brake Pressure.
  • 3 Worn Out Catalytic Converters.

Is BMW maintenance more expensive than Mercedes?

Is BMW maintenance expensive? Yes, BMW’s maintenance cost after the warranty is more expensive than many other brands – luxury or not. A BMW can cost about $5,000 more to maintain over a 10-year period than a Mercedes-Benz, and $12,000 more than a Toyota.

Is Audi car reliable Singapore?

Audi is still the least reliable and most expensive of the three brands, with BMW still in the middle and Mercedes leading the pack.

Is Audi more expensive to maintain than Mercedes?

Audis are more expensive than BMW and Mercedes cars to service. … However, Audi is the cheapest for steering and suspension and electrical and battery work, compared to Mercedes which is the most expensive of the three brands for this type of repair.

Do Mercedes last long?

With proper maintenance, Mercedes can last 13-17 years on average. Considering an average yearly mileage of around 15,000, that means that Mercedes can last anywhere from 200,000 to 250,000 miles before major repairs are needed.

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Are Mercedes good long term cars?

Mercedes are well-built cars that can last a long time, provided you take excellent care of them. Used ones will cost you much less than buying brand new, so browse through your Mercedes resources before purchasing to see if you can find some pretty reliable gems that you can keep for a long time.

Which is better Mercedes or Audi?

Since Audi is all about all-wheel drive, and Mercedes only offers all-wheel drive on some of its models, Audi is an obvious choice when it comes to performance and reliability. Speaking of which, Audi also beat out Mercedes in Consumer Reports’ road test as being a much more reliable brand over Mercedes.

What is the best car to buy in Singapore?

Top 11 brand new, value for money cars (under $9k depre) in Singapore: June 2020

  1. Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 Standard ($8.3k/year depre) …
  2. Skoda Octavia 1.4 Ambition ($8.2k/year) …
  3. Kia Cerato 1.6 L ($7.5k/year) …
  4. Honda Jazz 1.3 ($6.7k/year depre) …
  5. Hyundai Venue ($7.6k/year depre) …
  6. Hyundai Avante ($7.3k/year depre)

What is the best car to drive in Singapore?

10 Best Sedan Cars in Singapore

  • Toyota Corolla Atlis. …
  • Honda Civic. Good value for money. …
  • Mazda 3. Maximum driver comfort. …
  • BMW 3 Series. More affordable luxury sports sedan. …
  • Hyundai Avante. Ergonomic sedan car. …
  • Kia Cerato. Designed for everyday use. …
  • Skoda Superb. Clever and practical sedan car. …
  • Lexus ES Sedan. Luxury comfort.

What is the most reliable car brand?

The Most Reliable Car Brands on the Road

  • Hyundai. Problems per 100 vehicles in first 3 months: 153. …
  • Volkswagen. Problems per 100 vehicles in first 3 months: 152. …
  • GMC. Problems per 100 vehicles in first 3 months: 151. …
  • Buick. …
  • Mitsubishi. …
  • Genesis. …
  • (tie) Chevrolet and Ram. …
  • (tie) Dodge and Kia.
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