How much does a rice farmer make in Thailand?

After subtracting the production costs, the average net return for the rice farmer is 468.75 baht per hectare. On average, families will earn approximately 750 baht from one 4-month production cycle of rice. In other words, their net income from rice production comes to just 187.5 baht per month.

How much do Thai farmers make?

The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Anan Suwannarat, said a survey conducted by the Office of Agricultural Economics found that farming households earned an annual income of 197,373 baht in 2018, up by 22.64% year-on-year. At the same time, their spending increased to 122,890 baht, up by 20.53%.

How profitable is rice farming?

All rice areas achieved positive net returns in 2018, averaging $131 per acre. Consistent positive returns from rice suggest that rice farming is likely to remain viable in the future despite rising costs and only slight expected-price increases.

How much is rice in Thailand?

Production volume of rice in Thailand from 2011 to 2019 with a forecast for 2020 (in million tons)

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Characteristic Production volume in million tons
2019 24.06
2018 25.18
2017 32.9
2016 31.86

How much does a rice farm cost?

Non-cash overhead is calculated as the capital recovery cost for equipment and other farm investments. Land. Rice land values range from $7,000 to $12,000 per acre. This study uses a value of $10,000 per acre.

Who is the richest farmer in Thailand?

Khun Chearavanont wealth of USD 9.8 billion is largely down to his agribusiness conglomerate. Starting out with his brother by supplying seeds to Thai farmers that were imported from China, today he now owns one of America’s largest frozen food firms. Next in line is Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

How many rice farmers are there in Thailand?

Of the 40% of Thais who work in agriculture, 16 million of them are rice farmers by one estimate. Thailand has a strong tradition of rice production. It has the fifth-largest amount of land under rice cultivation in the world and is the world’s second largest exporter of rice.

How much do rice farmers make in Japan?

There are 1.63 million farmers in Japan who sell their produce, and 80 percent are part-timers. The average income of farmers who grow only rice was ¥4.41 million in 2010, and about 90 percent of that income is from non-agricultural sources, including pensions.

How long does rice take to grow?

Rice plants grow to a height of three to four feet over an average of 120 days after planting.

Where is the most rice grown?

Globally, the top rice-producing country is China, followed by India.

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Is Thailand a poor country?

With the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a relatively wealthy country. … Though Thailand’s poverty rate has decreased by 65% since 1988, impoverished living conditions are still a pressing issue in the country. The poverty rate fluctuates and currently, it is on the uprise.

Which country is the biggest exporter of rice?

India: As of 2020-21, India had the highest export volume of rice worldwide, at 15.5 million metric tons.

Is rice important in Thailand?

Rice remains the preeminent crop in Thai agriculture, although its relative importance has been declining in recent decades. Rice production has long played a vital role in Thailand’s socio-economic development, making the country the world’s largest rice exporter in the last 3 decades.

Where farmers sell their rice?

Nearly 1,000 farmers in Karnataka have signed an agreement to sell their paddy directly to Reliance Retail, through an agro-based company in the northern area of Sindhanur, above the minimum support price (MSP), an official said on Sunday.

Why rice is the best business?

You have consumers who buy in great numbers and food establishments who order in bulk. Thus, becoming a rice dealer or retailer can net you good profits because of its daily demand. And with a low starting capital of about P80,000 to P120,000 — it’s also an affordable business to start as well.

How do I start a rice farming business?

Step By Steps Plan On Rice Farming Business

  1. Step 1 – Choose A Quality Seed. …
  2. Step 2 – Choose The Right Land. …
  3. Step 3 – Land Preparation. …
  4. Step 4 – Choose A Planting Method. …
  5. Step 5 – Water Management. …
  6. Step 6 – Apply Fertilizer. …
  7. Step 7 – Control Weed And Pest. …
  8. Step 8 – Harvest And Thresh.
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