How many Vietnamese live in Louisiana?

The 2010 US Census put the population of Vietnamese in the state of Louisiana at 28,352. It is estimated to be over 30,000 in 2015.

How many Vietnamese live in New Orleans?

Vietnamese have thriving presence in New Orleans

Recent figures put the New Orleans Vietnamese population at around 14,000, the largest, most vibrant Vietnamese community in the state.

What percentage of New Orleans is Vietnamese?

Chinese at 0.6% are likewise the second large group of Asian Americans in New Orleans, again trailing the Vietnamese at 1.4% (6,000). Asian Indians are estimated to number at 0.2% (1000) and Filipinos are estimated at 0.2% (800).

Where is the largest Vietnamese community in us?

Vietnamese Americans are mainly concentrated in metropolitan areas in the West, including Orange County, California, San Jose, California, and Houston, Texas.

Cities with more than 10,000 Vietnamese Americans.

Rank 1
City San Jose, California
Number (2016) 106,992
Percentage (2016) 10.6

Where are Vietnamese live in New Orleans?

Approximately 12,000 Vietnamese live in New Orleans today, primarily in three concentrated communities in New Orleans East, Algiers, and Avondale.

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Why are there so many Vietnamese in Louisiana?

One reason why many Vietnamese settled in New Orleans was because of the climate similar to that of Vietnam, a country colonized by France, not unlike Louisiana itself. In addition, many Vietnamese fleeing were Catholic, and Catholic Charities brought them specifically to New Orleans.

What is considered New Orleans East?

New Orleans East, a portion of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, is undoubtedly the largest section of the city of New Orleans. The area covers land east of the Industrial Canal and north of the Mississippi River.

Are there a lot of Vietnamese in Louisiana?

of the US States, with upwards of 28,000. Vietnamese are the largest Asian population in Louisiana. The largest populations of Vietnamese are in the southern parishes. in Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, and St. Bernard parishes.

How many Vietnamese live in the US?

There are about 2.2 million people of Vietnamese descent residing in the U.S.

How many Vietnamese are in Texas?

Texas is home to more than 210,000 Vietnamese-Americans, and when the 2020 Census results are tabulated, I bet we’ll find that population has grown. A large portion have settled in Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, where you’ll find vibrant neighborhoods celebrating their culture.

How many Vietnamese live in Atlanta?

Today, the Vietnamese population of metro Atlanta alone stands at about 21,000, almost quadrupling the 1990 population.