How does the summer monsoon season benefit the region of Southeast Asia quizlet?

The monsoons control the weather and can destroy farm land if they come too early or too late and cause starvation. They can also help the people though, with water for their crops, but if too much rainfall comes they can cause flooding.

How does the summer monsoon season benefit the region of Southeast Asia *?

How does the summer monsoon season benefit the region of Southeast Asia? It provides plentiful rains for rice fields.

What is a benefit of the monsoon season in South and Southeast Asia?

As winter ends, warm, moist air from the southwest Indian Ocean heads towards South Asia; the summer monsoon brings humidity and torrential rainfall. The South Asia monsoon season is vital for agriculture and livelihoods in the region.

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Why are the monsoons important to Southeast Asia quizlet?

Why are the monsoons important to Southeast Asia? Because they bring in a lot of water, for their crops such as rice. What crop is critical to all Southeast Asian countries?

How is Southeast Asia affect by monsoons?

The East Asian winter monsoon (EAWM) is usually dry in Southeast Asia. During summer, the southwest monsoon rainfall is controlled by the warming of the northern hemisphere, where the heated air will rise, and be transported by the monsoon wind towards the southern hemisphere (Wolfson, 2012).

What are advantages of monsoons?

The seasonal rains make it possible for agriculture, forests and inhabitants of the region to store water for the next dry cycle of the climate. The monsoon season also brings lower temperatures to the Southwest.

How are monsoons beneficial to India?

The monsoon is critical for agriculture in the country since nearly 60% of India’s net arable land lacks irrigation. The monsoon delivers about 70% of India’s annual rainfall and determines the yield of several grains and pulses, including rice, wheat, and sugarcane.

What characterizes the summer monsoon season in South Asia quizlet?

The summer monsoon is associated with heavy rainfall.

How do monsoons affect the culture and the economy of South Asia?

With the increase in individual income from a successful harvest, government can spend less on public assistance programs including welfare and subsidies on things like fuel. Power is also generated from the monsoons, with the water power from the rains being converted into electricity.

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When a monsoon occurs in the summer it is because of the quizlet?

Terms in this set (29) Why do Monsoons occur? Changing air pressures are the main reason. Monsoons are caused by the fact that the land heats up and cools down faster than water.

What are monsoons and when do they affect South Asia quizlet?

What is a monsoon and how does it affect South and Southeast Asia? A monsoon is a wind system. The summer monsoon blows from the southwest across the Indian Ocean toward South Asia. Monsoons bring rain which causes flooding but the rain is also important for growing crops.

What are monsoons and why are they important quizlet?

What is a monsoon? … Monsoons are strong winds. They are important because it produces rain which is needed for crops.

What is one way the monsoons affect trade in Southeast Asia?

Monsoon plays a predominant role in the daily life of the people of South Asia. The use of monsoon wind in the Indian Ocean for maritime trade was a boon to the sailing ships to reach overseas countries. … The flow of wind and current was favourable for setting sail for both onward and return journey.

How does monsoon affect Asia?

The summer monsoon brings a humid climate and torrential rainfall to these areas. India and Southeast Asia depend on the summer monsoon. Agriculture, for example, relies on the yearly rain. Many areas in these countries do not have large irrigation systems surrounding lakes, rivers, or snowmelt areas.

How do monsoons affect people’s lives in South Asia?

While too little rainfall during the summer monsoon can cause dire conditions for farmers on land, too much rainfall and overly strong winds can make coastal waters unsafe, preventing fishermen throughout South Asia from heading to sea to catch the fish they depend on for income.

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How do monsoons affect the population of South Asia?

How do monsoons affect peoples lives in South Asia? They give them water and cause heavy rains. … Because when it overflows during the summer monsoons it can kill people and destroy their property.