How do Thai people bury the dead?

Thai Buddhist funerals generally consist of a bathing ceremony shortly after death, daily chanting by Buddhist monks, and a cremation ceremony. Cremation is practised by most peoples throughout the country, with the major exceptions being ethnic Chinese, Muslims and Christians.

Do they bury the dead in Thailand?


Most Thais are cremated in accordance with a Buddhist ritual. The formal wake period is seven days. At that time the body is taken to a house of a morgue where it may be kept for days or even years until it is cremated.

How do they do funerals in Thailand?

Bury or cremate the body locally

Local burials are rare in Thailand for religious reasons. … If arrangements have not been made within a specific timeframe, usually 30 days, the person who died will be cremated and buried in a ‘paupers’ mass funeral.

What happens if a foreigner dies in Thailand?

In case a non-Thai national, also known as a foreigner, dies in Thailand, then the relevant authorities will contact the embassy that will notify the relatives of the deceased person about the foreigner’s death.

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What happens at a Buddhist cremation?

The body is presented in a simple open casket with an image of the deceased, and an image of Buddha placed nearby. Mourners may also lay candles, fruit, flowers and light incense around the body. After the ceremony, the casket is sealed and carried to the crematorium.

How do Thai people cremate?

The body may be taken around the temple’s crematorium three times in an anti-clockwise direction, usually via a cart which is pulled, by either Monks or family and friends. The body will then be taken up to the men, where the cremation will occur.

How much does a Thai funeral cost?

Phra Khru Pariyat showed bills for different funerals at Wat Hua Lamphong: The cheapest was about 8,000 baht, while those that lasted longer and required more items cost more than 50,000 baht, some close to 100,000 baht.

What religion is Thailand?

While Buddhism is the dominant religion, other religions are also found in the country. A small but significant minority of Muslims lives primarily in southern Thailand, but also in and around Bangkok.

How long does a Buddhist funeral last?

Length of Funeral: Most Buddhist funeral services last between 45 – 75 minutes, depending on the wishes and particular traditions of the family.

Can you take ashes to Thailand?

Bringing corpses/human ash into Thailand

Bringing corpses or human ash into Thailand does not require submitting an Import Declaration Form or Special Declaration Form.

What happens if my Thai wife dies?

A foreigner being married to a Thai spouse shall be granted a Marriage visa provided that requirements are met. The visa would allow him to stay in Thailand for a year and visa renewals can be done inside Thailand. In case of Thai spousal death, a marriage visa can no longer be renewed under this circumstance.

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What happens if an American dies in Thailand?

When a U.S. Citizen dies in Thailand, the body is usually preserved until instructions are received from the next-of-kin regarding the disposition of remains. There are normally two options: Cremation in Thailand and interment or scattering of ashes in Thailand, the United States or other location.

Can a foreigner be cremated in Thailand?

There is no formal or specific timeframe for cremation. In the case of foreign nationals they can be: carried back to the deceased’s home country with the help of an international funeral director. shipped back to the home country, if it is not possible for the next of kin or representative to come to Thailand.

What is the meaning of 40 days after death?

The 40 days is an opportunity for judgment before God. It’s believed in Eastern Orthodox religions that the soul completes many obstacles known as the aerial toll houses. The soul passes through the aerial realm, which is home to evil spirits. … At the end of the 40 days, the soul finds its place in the afterlife.

Why are there no red flowers at a Buddhist funeral?

Buddhist Funeral

White flowers are the traditional Buddhist flower of mourning and may be sent to the family. Sending red flowers or gifts of food are considered poor funeral etiquette.

What happens on the 7th day after death?

Mourning and remembering the deceased

Ceremonies, rituals, and mourning last up to 100 days. On the 7th day after the funeral, the family believes the soul of the deceased will visit. They stay in their rooms and powder is sprinkled around the door to confirm their presence.

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