How do I pay my Netflix bill in Malaysia?

How do I renew my Netflix subscription?

Restart your Netflix account by signing in to Netflix and selecting Restart Your Membership from any profile (except a Kids profile). Note: If you need to reset your password, you will be redirected to your Account page where you will select Add streaming plan > Restart Your Membership.

Can I pay Netflix from my bank account?

Go to the Membership & Billing section, and find Update payment info. Select your Payment Method: currently, Netflix allows customers to pay by debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

How do I pay Netflix with my phone bill?

Head on over to and create a Netflix account.

  1. Enter your email address and create a strong password. …
  2. Compare the available plans and select one that best matches your needs. …
  3. Set up your payment details and select “Add to postpaid mobile bill” as your payment method.

How can I pay for Netflix without a credit card?

A Filipino-friendly solution

Luckily, there is a fast and easy workaround to this problem. Instead of using a credit card, you can use PayMaya, a free app available for download through the App Store and the Google Play Store. Using PayMaya to sign up for Netflix is quick and simple.

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How can I pay my Netflix bill early?

Sign in to your account. Select Change billing day (if available) and follow the instructions. This option is only available if you pay with a debit or credit card or PayPal (where applicable). You cannot change your billing date during a free period, on the current billing date, or if your account is on hold.

Does Netflix deduct money automatically?

Netflix cannot charge automatically when a debit card is added. So Netflix will actually deduct the amount if your subscription is renewed. … The payment will be shown in your credit card invoice.

Does Netflix automatically charge from debit card?

As a member, you are automatically charged once a month on the date you signed up. Your Netflix subscription is charged at the beginning of your billing cycle and can take several days to appear on your account.

How long does Netflix work without payment?

If the account goes unpaid for a month, your account will be closed. If you have a DVD account and have any discs at home, you will need to return them within a time period or Netflix will attempt to charge you for those discs. Once your account is closed, Netflix will not continue to try to charge you.

Why is Netflix not accepting my payment method?

It indicates that Netflix was unable to receive a payment for one of the following reasons: The payment method on file is no longer valid or has expired. Your financial institution did not approve the monthly charge. US Only: The credit card zip code on your Netflix account does not match the one listed with your bank.

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How do I use my mobile number for Netflix?

Step 1: Open Netflix account on your device. Step 2: From your Account page, go to the Membership & Billing section. Step 3: From the given options select Add phone number. Step 4: Here you need to select your country.

How do I manage my Netflix account?

Managing your account

You can update your account information at any time, and change your email, phone number, or membership plan by selecting the Account option within the Netflix menu. With Profile & Parental Controls, you can also adjust content controls, such as playback preferences, language, and subtitles.