How can I transfer load Zain to Philippines?

How can I transfer load to Philippines?

Transfer load from STC to the Philippines

  1. Code: 133*Philippines Mobile Number*Reference Code.
  2. Example: 133*0063999221626*1.
  3. Send it to 801500. Reference Code “1“ will transfer 50 PHP for SR 5.5. Reference Code “2“ will transfer 100 PHP for SR 11. Reference Code “3“ will transfer 300 PHP for SR 33.

How can I transfer my Zain balance to another number?

To initialize transfer: send T [recipient] [Amount] to 99998. To confirm the transfer: send [pin] to 99998. To cancel the open transfer: Send cancel to 99998. To change the pin: send c [Old pin] [New Pin] to 99998.

How we can transfer balance from Zain to Zain?

Now you can transfer a balance or share credit from one Zain number to another Zain number through the balance transfer code.

Transfer a balance from Zain

  1. Compose a new “text message”.
  2. Type “BT (space) number of the recipient (space) amount.
  3. Send it to 702702.
  4. Example: write “BT 0591234567 50” and send it to 702702.
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How can I transfer balance from Zain to Kuwait to India?

How to subscribe

  1. Send” TR “To 94009 or 94001 or dial *909# recharge a number in another country Example: TR <space> <destination Number> and send to 94009 or 94001.
  2. Choose from the available credit options.
  3. Confirm the transaction by replying with the required option to the same SMS.

How do you transfer a load?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Text <Amount> to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example: Text <100> to 29151234567.
  2. Wait for the text message asking if you want to proceed with the transaction with a ₱1 charge.
  3. Reply with YES within five (5) minutes.
  4. Wait to receive the confirmation message.

How can I buy online load in Philippines?

How do I buy load online using

  1. You can buy load online through the web wallet or the Android and iOS apps.
  2. Here’s how to buy load:
  3. Step 1: Tap the “Buy Load” icon.
  4. Step 2: Enter your mobile number.
  5. Step 3: Enter the amount you’d like to load, or choose from the denominations below. …
  6. Step 4: Slide to pay.

How do I do an international balance transfer?

How does it work?

  1. Step 1: Simply send an SMS ‘SEND’ to short code 1700.
  2. Step 2: Enter the International MSISDN where you wish to transfer mobile credit. ( Format: Country code followed by MSISDN. …
  3. Step 3: Choose from one of the available transfer amounts and confirm.
  4. Step 4: Successful message confirming the transaction.

How can I check my Zain balance?

To check the balance of your prepaid line, visit My Account page or Zain application or Dial *142# . 2- Visit Topup Page on our website. 4- Dial 1717 and follow the Voice instructions.

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How can I transfer credit from Zain to Zain Bahrain?

To transfer credit,

  1. Simply type: *140*Mobile Number*Amount to be transferred# then press SEND or,
  2. Send an SMS to 88111 containing: T[Space]Mobile Number[Space]Amount.
  3. For example: If you wish to send BD1, type *140*36xxxxxx*1 then press SEND.

How can I recharge my Zain data package?


  1. A variety of data caps, and a convenient recharge with free SMS!
  2. To recharge your line, please use one of the below methods: – Dial *141*Voucher number# and press call.
  3. To check your balance or subscription expiry date: Send SMS with the code BC to 959.

How can I recharge my Zain SIM?

Zain offers many simple ways to recharge lines, among them is using recharge cards, by dialing *141* followed by the 10 digit ID number, then the 14 digit card number followed by # and pressing the dial button.

How can I borrow credit from Zain Kuwait?

USSD: Just dial *456# and choose the airtime amount you want to borrow or choose the “Data pass” or “Local Calls Pass” for borrowing data or bundles.