How big were Viet Cong tunnels?

There were a variety of tunnel types: squad-size tunnels generally were less than 6-feet deep and 100-feet long; company-size tunnels were wider but not extensively compartmented; and battalion-size tunnels could burrow 50 feet underground and sometimes contain up to four different levels.

How many miles of tunnels did the Viet Cong have?

Even in the face of frequent bombings, during the Vietnam War the Viet Cong launched a formidable offensive while people continued to practice life’s daily rituals—underground. Located 75 kilometres northwest of Ho Chi Min City, the Cu Chi Tunnels are an elaborate underground network made up of 250 km (155 mi.)

Did the Viet Cong have tunnels?

In order to combat better-supplied American and South Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War, Communist guerrilla troops known as Viet Cong (VC) dug tens of thousands of miles of tunnels, including an extensive network running underneath the Cu Chi district northwest of Saigon.

How big are Cu Chi tunnels?

The Cu Chi (pronounced Ku Chi) tunnels are an extensive 250-mile (around 400km) network of underground trenches dug manually by the Vietnamese people and Viet Cong guerillas to protect themselves from the merciless bombing unleashed by American forces who fought a war in Vietnam in 1964-73.

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How many tunnel rats died in Vietnam?

That both sets of men had to endure this life is appalling. There were never more than 100 Tunnel Rats in country at any one time and around 700 in total. There were 36 killed and 200 wounded.

Are there still traps in Vietnam?

The Vietnamese did not put up well with the invasion, and did everything in their power to defend against the Americans. One strategy was booby traps, and there are still many tunnels and traps that have survived.

What percentage of US soldiers in Vietnam were black?

African American troops were more likely to be assigned to combat units: 23% of such troops in Vietnam were African Americans. In some airborne units African Americans composed 45-60% of troops. Racism against African Americans was particularly pronounced in the Navy.

What happened to the hospital at Cu Chi?

After the war the hospital was deactivated, but was reconstituted in 1925 as the 12th Evacuation Hospital in the organized reserves. … At 750 beds, the 12th was the 3rd Army’s largest evacuation hospital and it accompanied Patton’s army as they raced across France and Germany.

How did the Viet Cong dig tunnels?

“During the monsoon season, the Viet Cong were able to dig the tunnels by hand in the moist clayey soil,” Olson explains. “The alluvial terrace soils were degraded in a tropical climate for thousands of years. … “The soil tunnels became stable, resilient, and hard to destroy with bombs.

Where did the Viet Cong hide?

The Vietcong had a hidden system of tunnels stretching over 200 miles. There were hospitals, armouries, sleeping quarters, kitchens and wells underground. These tunnel systems could hide thousands of Vietcong which helped them fight their guerrilla war. It would be the job of US ‘tunnel rats’ to search these tunnels.

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How were Vietnam tunnels built?

While the war began in 1955, the tunnels began being dug by Communist forces in the mid to late 1940s, with renovations occurring to tunnels already dug in the early 1960s. Tunnels were dug anywhere and everywhere in South Vietnam. Tunnels were typically carved without machinery, instead utilizing hand tools.

Why were Cu Chi Tunnels built?

The Cu Chi Tunnels network was built within 25 years from 1948 during the war against the French. It served as a means of communication between villages and helped the Vietnamese to evade scouting French soldiers. The tunnel network was extended over an area of 250 kilometers during the Vietnam War.

How deep are Cu Chi tunnels?

Digging the tunnels

At the total length of 250 kilometres and depth of 10 metres, the systematic network stretched from suburbs of Saigon to the Cambodian border and often passed beneath the American bases.

Who did the Viet Cong support?

Viet Cong (VC), in full Viet Nam Cong San, English Vietnamese Communists, the guerrilla force that, with the support of the North Vietnamese Army, fought against South Vietnam (late 1950s–1975) and the United States (early 1960s–1973).

What did a tunnel rat do in Vietnam?

The tunnel rats were American, Australian, New Zealander, and South Vietnamese soldiers who performed underground search and destroy missions during the Vietnam War. Later, similar teams were used by the Soviet Army during the Soviet–Afghan War and by the Israel Defense Forces in campaigns in the Middle East.