Frequent question: Can I have a pet duck in Singapore?

Can I buy a duck in Singapore?

keeping chick or duckling as pet is it not illegal in Sg, unless you are staying at landed property, if you staying at HDB or condo are not allow to keep them.

Can you have one duck as a pet?

NEVER keep just one duck; this is cruel. Ducks are highly social animals and this means they need other ducks to live with. While it is possible to keep just one duck, it is strongly recommended that you have at least one other duck for company, while having three or four would be best.

Is Duck allowed in HDB?

“Poultry, including chickens, are not allowed to be kept in HDB flats. They are not suitable to be kept as indoor pets and, when allowed to roam indiscriminately, may inconvenience the neighbours,” said the HDB. But Mr Woo believes the law is on his side.

What animals are illegal to own in Singapore?

In addition to cats, there are other animals that are not allowed to be kept as HDB pets, such as:

  • Hedgehogs.
  • Bearded dragons.
  • Star tortoises.
  • Sugar Gliders.
  • Snakes.
  • Crocodilian Reptiles.
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Where can I buy duck in Singapore?

The 15 Best Places for Duck in Singapore

  • Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. …
  • Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant 御寶至尊烤鴨店 …
  • Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut. …
  • Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine. …
  • Le Bistrot Du Sommelier. …
  • Zion Riverside Food Centre. …
  • Sean Kee Duck Rice. …
  • The French Ladle.

Can I keep owl as pet in Singapore?

The owl was very comfortable with people, which might be because it was hand-reared before being released to the wild. Do note that it is illegal to keep owls as pets in Singapore.

How much does a duck cost as a pet?

From initial purchase through lifelong care, it costs as little as $50 per year to own a duck. However, ducks are social animals who must have a flock, so you can’t just keep one duck. In addition to the base costs of owning a duck, there are also one-time start-up costs and monthly and yearly recurring expenses.

Are ducks noisy pets?

Ducks are loud. If you aren’t bothered by the noise, be prepared that your neighbours might be! One of the pros is they are social and like to communicate, well this may also be a con as when they’re in a group, it just takes one to let out a quack to set a chain reaction where they’re all at it!

Can you raise a single duckling?

In most cases, probably not. Here’s why: Ducks and geese bond strongly with their flockmates and almost never leave each other’s side, so keeping a single waterfowl means a person must commit to giving the animal a LOT of attention.

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Is Axolotl legal in Singapore?

From my understanding, ALL salamander species are not legal in singapore. That includes the axolotl (also known as the mexican walking fish). The only amphibians you can keep are frogs and toads.

Why are corgis not allowed in HDB?

As the corgis might exhibit traits of being fearful, they are unsuitable for families with young children. … It is also a known fact that corgis’ chances of having spinal issues can be very high, owing to their short legs and long body. Despite their relatively small stature, corgis are not a HDB-approved breed.

Can you keep otters as pets in Singapore?

However, they have not detected any illegally imported otters or attempts to smuggle otters into Singapore. … Under the Wildlife Act, the killing, taking, trapping, or keeping of otters in any place is prohibited.

Is Gecko illegal in Singapore?

Keeping wild animals such as exotic amphibians, snakes and lizards are not allowed in Singapore and the importation of animals or live birds without an AVA permit is illegal and carries a maximum penalty of S$10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

Is tarantula illegal in Singapore?

Subject to the conditions listed below, the following wildlife species are approved by the Director-General to be kept as pets: … All invertebrates except tarantulas, scorpions, and invertebrates which are prescribed as protected wildlife species.