Does FedEx ship to Cambodia?

Do FedEx deliver to Cambodia?

Cambodia Locations. FedEx is always nearby, providing convenient drop-off locations that will save your time and money. … FedEx is always nearby, providing convenient drop-off locations that will save your time and money.

How can I send something from USA to Cambodia?

Forward packages from the USA to Cambodia

  1. Get your US address. Register an account with us and get your own US address instantly.
  2. Start Shipping. Ship any sized packages directly to your own US address.
  3. Forward to you. Consolidate your packages and forward your shipment to your address in Cambodia.

How much does it cost to ship to Cambodia?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Small Pack Saver 7 – 20 days DHL Express 1 – 4 days
1lbs 18.99 USD 52.05 USD
2lbs 31.99 USD 61.61 USD
3lbs 45.99 USD 66.93 USD
4lbs 58.99 USD 77.55 USD

Does UPS deliver to Cambodia?

In addition to the commodities which UPS prohibits to all countries or territories served (listed here), it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Cambodia. … Failure to do so may result in penalties, seizure of the shipment.

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Does DHL deliver to Cambodia?

With a variety of shipping carriers including FedEx, DHL, UPS, full container shipping, and Air Cargo shipping services, there is nothing that you can’t prepare, price, or ship to Cambodia.

Can you send parcels to Cambodia?

Interparcel can guarantee some of the cheapest and fastest delivery services to Cambodia. This is thanks to our negotiations with leading courier companies, including UPS, TNT, FedEx and DHL eCommerce. When booking with Interparcel, you can send a parcel to Cambodia from as little as $13.90.

Does target ship to Cambodia?


Does Sephora ship to Cambodia?

All that makes Sephora a paradise for any girl. However, Sephora USA does not ship internationally, it only ships within the US.

How many express in Cambodia?

Today, we have a network of 30 branches across the country,” Cambodian Express Co Ltd deputy CEO Vincent Zhang told The Post.

How much does it cost to ship a car from USA to Cambodia?

The majority of the cars shipped to Cambodia from the United States are done using containerized shipping. (This is common for international shipping, but roll-on, roll-off transport is an option in many countries. The costs generally fall between $1,600 and $3,400, plus any applicable taxes and duties.

Does Shein ship to Cambodia?

Your Shein purchases delivered to your door in Cambodia by ColisExpat.

What is Cambodia postal code?

All post codes in Phnom Penh Capital

Country Capital or province Commune
Khan Chrouy Changvar
Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital 120401
Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital 120402
Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital 120403
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Is FedEx doing international shipping?

Get it there within 1 to 3 business days, with delivery in up to 220 countries and territories. Choose economical shipping with delivery in 2 to 3 business days to select countries, or in 2 to 5 to 215+ countries and territories.

Is FedEx International?

FedEx Express covers every U.S. street address and services more than 220 countries and territories. Our global network provides time-sensitive, air-ground express service through more than 650 airports worldwide.

Can I send food to Cambodia?

Customs has a right to open parcels and inspect them in detail. As you can imagine, this may compromise the appearance of the gift and damage gift wrap. Finally, when sending a gift containing a gourmet items you are limited to sending non-perishable items. So items such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question.